Netgear Extender Setup

Use The Following Tips And Maximize The Speed Of Your Existing Internet Connection

In today’s modern era of wireless technology, the Internet and its speed matter a lot in human life. That is the reason why they switch to a range extender for a high-speed of the Internet all over the house. The process of Netgear Extender Setup is not a difficult task as you think. Just visit mywifiext, bring your range extender closer to the router and perform the following steps.

  • Grab a set of an Ethernet cable to connect router and the extender with each other. moreover, connect your computer with the range extender as well. Do not forget to use the latest firmware of router and the modem.
  • Now, for Netgear Extender Login launch a web browser and type mywifiext into field of the address bar.

In case, you fail going through the above-given steps, feel free to call our Netgear support team on toll-free number 1-844-689-9966.

Moreover, there’s a lot you can do to improve the performance of your Internet connectivity.

  1. Reset your Modem

Well, it may also interest you to know that restarting your modem and router can help you in many ways by solving all the brain-teasers issues that are physically linked with your network. It is also necessary to use the latest firmware of router and the modem as discussed before. Similarly, your modem will automatically download the firmware that is completely linked with the latest technology.

  1. Consider checking the source of interference

Well, it is also the fact, if you are using a wireless router, some devices in your house or neighbors can badly affect your connection. Most of the router in today’s modern world comes in following varieties.

  • 11b.
  • 11g.
  • 11n (2.4GHZ).
  • And all above 802.11a (5.8GHz).

The devices that can interfere with your wireless connection are your cell phone, Bluetooth speakers, cordless gadgets, and microwaves. In order to get rid of such issues, we need you to turn them off or move your router away from such obstructions.

  1. Consider checking all your devices on the Network

It is a disaster and a big thing to worry that if someone (unidentified source) entered your network and downloading lot of stuff from the Internet without your permission. In that case, you are supposed to get familiar with the web interface of your router. To get rid of such issues, consider installing an anti-virus program (software) on your router.

  1. Move your Computer or a Wireless Router

Are you connected to the Internet via wireless router? Well, the reason behind asking you is only that we want out users to get rid of poor connections and dropped signals. The interference of metal appliances and electronic gadgets can be the reason for dropped connection and poor/ low speed. In that case, consider moving your computer closer to the router and it away from those devices that carry the same frequency.

Note: The “it” we are referring to is your main router.

Moreover, clean your router from a dry piece of cloth and never let dust to cover it. Also, place your router closer to the existing modem.

  1. Secure your Device

Here, we would like to insist our valuable users that do not leave your device on default network name and password set as default by the device maker (manufacturer). After the process of configuration, consider changing the default details as soon as possible. The network name you built suppose to be about 8 characters and password of about 16 characters. Do not share your login details with anyone.

Do not feel low if you fail going through the above-given steps. Just call Netgear helpline on toll-free number mentioned above or see us at

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