Types of commercial outdoor lighting to choose from

The decoration of home and other commercial places is majority done to attract others. In this era, the lights are the best option when it comes to decorating any area. There are creative brains in the field which produce lights with various features and qualities that can help one get the best look of the area with just switching the lights on. For different areas, there are different types of lights that can enhance the charm and look of the concerned place wherever the lights are fixed. The outdoor lighting is as important as the indoor lighting as the outdoor light fixtures illuminate various commercial spaces such as buildings, offices, parks, stores, malls, warehouses, schools and the likes. Commercial spaces rely on outdoor lighting for added security as well. Aesthetics has a great role to play while deciding the indoor lightings but for outdoor lights, functionality is the priority, and aesthetic appeal is secondary.

Irrespective of the industry, commercial lighting compliments the buildings and adds security during the night time. While, all of us know that, outdoor lighting is essential, finding the right kind of lighting for your specific needs is much important.

Here’s a look at the different options for commercial outdoor led flood light fixtures:

  1. Floodlights

The floodlights offer wide-spanning lights and cover a large space along with nooks and corners which are usually difficult to illuminate. These lights are helpful in protecting the property from robbery as well as vandalism. Floodlights are a common sight in huge public places such as stadiums and parking lots which use LED for amazing lights. Choose the floodlights as per the brightness required.

  1. Landscape lights

The landscape lights are an amazing option for outdoor lighting as they can be used for both private and public space. The landscaping lights are most popularly used at verandahs, terraces, parks, offices, and the likes. The landscaping lights consist of globes, LED light fixtures, and spotlights for public enjoyment as well as security.


The landscape lights are all about organic design, less pollution, and LED use.  These lights are used for highlighting greenery and flowers along with outdoor industrial spaces as it highlights the architecture of the structure.

  1. Motion sensor lighting

The motion sensor lighting is the lighting with motion sensors. The sensors have a small electronic piece that detects infrared waves which are radiated when things move. The motion sensor lights up automatically when it detects a significant amount of heat radiation. The motion sensor works only during the night and dark hours and gets deactivated during the daytime. These lights are usually installed in driveways, alleyways, and garages.

  1. Spotlights

The spotlights provide direct and focused lights on the specific area such as signage, fixtures, and doors. These lights are different from the floodlights as they don’t spread light across a wide area. The spotlights focus their beams in narrow lines at a focal point.

Explore web for more tips on choosing industrial style residential lighting that can help one get lights for various purposes of industries.

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