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It is called physical therapy or most commonly known as Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a primary care specialty in healthcare department in which is involved mechanical force and movements. They include Biomechanics or kinesiology, exercise therapy, manual therapy, electropathy and many other physical therapies are evidence-based treatments, heals impairments and facilitates mobility, function, and quality of life by means of diagnosis, examination, prognosis, and physical intervention. All these physical therapies are performed by experts known as Physiotherapists or physical therapists. The expert first diagnoses the medical condition of the patient and decides which therapy will be better for the patient. The type of therapy, expenses and the improvement in the medical condition of the patient can vary as from case to case and hence he needs to keep the health of the patient monitoring.

Besides clinical practice, physical therapy profession encompasses other activities as education, research, consultation, and administration. Physiotherapy services can be given as primary care treatment, alongside or in combination with other medical services. Physiotherapy employs a variety of techniques to assist your body to function and move at its full potential. To prevent a range of diseases and problems and make a better quality of life, physical therapists insist and encourage and help people to take part in safe physical activities and overall well being by purchasing quality physiotherapy equipment India.

Types of treatments that physiotherapists use:

Physical therapists are professionals to gauge patient’s condition, diagnose the problem and assist in understanding the condition and management of your health.

Below are given common treatment methods physiotherapists use:

Exercise programmes to improve the strength of muscles and mobility, joint mobilization and manipulation to minimise stiffness and pain and enhance the range of movement. It also helps to re-education of muscles to improve control, cold and hot packs, electropathy to ease the pain, minimise swelling, and speedy healing process. Other than them it improves the health with breathing exercises, and clearance techniques- Airway, help with aids,  crutches, splints, wheelchairs, and walking sticks, all these and other physiotherapy products in India are advised by them to adopt for better life.

Conditions treated by physiotherapists

  • Mid Life – Heart Disease

A physical therapist can aid to avoid the onset of heart disease and can assist minimise the consequences of heart disease by prescribing a treatment program that would target all factors that contribute to the disease. These can include advice regarding an exercise programme for weight management, smoking cessation, and improving cholesterol levels. Physical therapists run rehabilitation centers to help people who have had a heart attack or severe heart disease.

  • Mid Life – Back Pain

Back pain is incapacitating condition and common in people. Physiotherapists employ a variety of techniques to manage it like massage, manipulation, and mobilizations. They can also assist you to minimise the possibility of injury or recurrence by educating patients. They can advise changing posture, and prescribe exercises that will help to strengthen and support muscles around the back. They may offer strategies to patients to prevent an injury like environmental changes at work and home, and safe lifting techniques.


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