Sharjah” is known for culture and industry offering job opportunities to a large number of people. The city has prohibited the sale of alcohol to people without the possession of proper license.This has attracted a large number of Muslim tourists which in turn has generated a large number of vacancies in the travel and tourism industry. Healthcare industry is flourishing in the city, as the region has large number of public and private hospitals. This in turn is generating a large number of vacancies for the doctors and nurses. The country has great number of public and private schools which in turn creates large number job hiring for teachers.

There are ample amount of jobs in Sharjah, which has attracted enormous expats or foreigners to work.Reason being salary offered to them is very attractive when compared with other nations. Some of the demanding jobs are as mentioned below.

Top paid jobs in Sharjah

  • Marketing specialist
  • Internal auditor
  • Public relation specialist
  • Client contract advisor
  • Supply chain manager
  • Primary teacher
  • Chief accountant
  • Commercial engineer
  • Planning engineer
  • Customer support agent
  • HR manager
  • Business data analyst
  • Admin assistant and many more.

As the jobs are of different profiles there qualification also varies.Some profile’s minimum educational requirement isgraduation while some requires master’s degree where as some profile also requires Ph.D.

After completing studies next step is to get job, but how to getjobs in Sharjah without facingany compromise? Well to this problem there are different fruitful methods to landyou into a dream job.

  • Word of mouth which in other way we can call it as a referrals
  • With the advancement of technologies various networking websites have been created out of which some of them are helpingcandidates in getting jobs like twitter
  • LinkedIn is gaining popularity for hiring candidatesin a short span of time where updating profile and CV/resume is required as it highlights your skills and qualifications
  • Registering on various job portals for free is another way of searching for jobs.Asit offers you to apply for the jobs as per your choice. Some of the leading job portals are :
  • Monstergulf
  • Bayt
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Gulfjobs and many more.

If you are a local or national citizen of Sharjah then you must be aware of the benefits offered to the citizens but in case if you are a foreigner then in that condition you must be aware of the benefits offered to the expats.

Benefits of working inSharjah

  • You don’t need to pay income tax or personal tax for your earning
  • Medical expenses like other gulf nation is covered either by the government or by the employer for national citizens andforeigners respectively
  • Buying on investing in property is a great option if you are planning to stay in Sharjah
  • Affordableand spacious accommodation is provided to the employees by the employers
  • Buying car in the city offers great options to explore new places as the rate of petrol is very less as compared with other countries.


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