Formal Kurtis

Top 8 Styles of Formal Kurtis in Trend in India

The designer Kurtis contains varieties of patterns. You have umbrella cut, Anarkali style, straight cut or long Kurtis and many other patterns to wear to offices, parties and other occasions. The Kurtis are fit for both seasons hot as well as cold and have more shelf life than the other clothes. The comfort level that Kurtis provide, can’t be expected from the other kinds of fabrics. In summer, when the mercury touches 500 in India, the tight clothes suffocate your body while as in long Formal Kurtis; your body breathes enough air to remain cool.

 Here are the Top 8 styles of Formal Kurtis that ladies in India prefer to wear to their offices or colleges:

  1. Tail Cut: The Tail Cut Kurtis are more in trend as office wear than other Kurtis. It looks more sophisticated and formal on office going ladies than the other Kurtis. With a matching legging, it gives a light feel and easy office going attitude.
  2. A- Shaped Kurtis: After Tail Shaped office Kurtis, if there is clothing that is more in trend in India, it is the A- shaped Kurtis. These Kurtis are perfect for Apple shaped bodies.  With a colorful legging or jegging, it will look the smartest ever dress you would have ever worn to the office.
  3. Anarkali Kurtis: AnarkaliKurti is famous in India for decades. They are suitable for informal occasions as well as formal occasions like office parties. The Anarkali Kurtis have a specific style in terms of its appearance. It is a complete formal wear that has almost no casualness’ that can’t be shown in the office.
  4. Angrahat: Angrahat is one more pattern of formal Kurtis that are popular across the working ladies in India. They are just wonderful in style and the fashion statement. It makes an excellent formal wear while you go to the office. It is a light weight dress that makes you feel comfortable in the office.
  5. Dhoti Type Kurtis: Moreover, there are these Dhoti type Kurtis which come up again and again in the market with revised looks, colours, prints and patterns. It makes you look elegant, stylish but formal in your office.  You can wear this dress on the weekend office when people prefer to wear semi—formal dress. You can also wear Dhoti type Kurtis to office parties as well as they look casual yet attractive.
  6. Flared Kurtis: The flared Kurtis are of artistic type clothing that give you more comfort than many other office dresses. You can match them with skin tight dresses like leggings and jeggings. That makes you look smarter and better in look. This Kurti is considered just too perfect for office get together parties. It is relatively a new entry in the market and hence you can try it for smarter and better look.
  7. Gown Style Kurtis: The Gown Style Kurtis do not need a piece of matching leggings but you can mix it with some other dress for the awesome appearance. It makes you feel good and relaxed and adds to your confidence.

You can prefer to shop kurtis online or fetch them directly from stores. But the first method of shopping is considered convenient than the latter because of the some of its obvious advantages.

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