Top 4 reasons how Gamification can boost Call Centre’s performance

Top 4 reasons how Gamification can boost Call Centre’s Performance

With the time, keeping staff motivated and engaged has become one of the arduous tasks for the call centres. The main reason behind this is tedious work culture and daily targets that somewhere make the agents frustrated and this aspect can surely affect the business’s productivity.

To maintain the CSAT score, it is imperative for the BPO firms to keep the agents happy and productive. Because the quality of customer service heavily relies upon the agent’s performance.

Here the importance of gamification gets increased as this helps in improving employee engagement levels, accountability, etc.

Gamification means the implementation of game mechanics in the call centre’s software so that agents do their work with more zeal to ensure high business’s profitability.

Take a gander at the following pointers that will explain how gamification can boost the call centre’s performance:

Healthy competition

To improve inbound call centre services, most of the BPO firms use gamification as an efficient strategy to encourage the agents for a healthy competition. When agents push their limits to improve the performance score or beat the co-workers, this will surely give a required boost to the business’s productivity.

To make the competition more interesting, managers usually offer incentives to the agents for completing customer service calls within a less period of time, resolving a certain number of issues, and so on.

Moreover, agents put more focus on achieving the better results rather than completing the working hours.

Makes training sessions more exciting

There should be no doubt that BPO firms always train their agents in such a way that helps in delivering the best inbound call centre services UK. But integrating gamification into training sessions is just like an icing on the cake.

The main reason behind this is if newly joined agents enjoy the training sessions, they will surely put more focus on learning. That’s why it is always advisable to conduct competitions during the training period because this not only increases the agent’s productivity but also builds camaraderie among the agents.

Great assessment tool

Another benefit of gamification is it helps in assessing agent’s performance in a reliable manner. Call centres managers can easily analyse how many agents are improving their scores, getting success in the game, and snowballing their level. This helps the call centres while giving rewards to high-performing agents.

In addition to this, management can easily find those agents who need a little bit extra training to improve the productivity levels.

Powerful motivator

Gamification has been considered as a powerful motivator as this helps the call centres to bring the best out of the agents. Whenever agents get rewarded as per their performance, they put more efforts to deliver the best results.

Moreover, gamification increases the job satisfaction level, which, in turn, leads to low agent turnover rate.

Gamification also makes the agents more focused & content. This helps the agents while handling the customer service interactions with greater reliability.


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