Few Tips to Take Better Care of Your Washing Machine

Few Tips to Take Better Care of Your Washing Machine

These days, washing machine has become one of the most essential household item in every modern family in India. Therefore, whether you have washing machines from Whirlpool or any other company following tips will not only help you to increase the life of your appliance but also get efficient cleaning of your clothes.

  • Deep cleaning

Washing machines in due course of time may need deeper cleaning so that the washing can give same level of cleaning throughout its life cycle. Usually, you must have observed that washing machine does not clean as effectively after few years of use, as it used to when it was new. Therefore, it is necessary to use certain strong chemicals that can remove the scales deposited on its surface.

  • Rubber gasket cleaning

It is necessary to clean the rubber gaskets thoroughly by using damp clothes so that it does not accumulate residual particles during washing.

  • Protect the finish

You can easily distinguish from any old washing machine from new washing machine as people ignore the importance of external cleaning of the machine regularly. In order to protect its finish, you must clean the exterior of the machine after every use.

  • Protect from spillage

Washing machines may gather residues from the spillage of the detergent irrespective of your using best quality of detergent. It may stick with the surface and may develop foul smell too. Therefore, by using any dishwasher cleaner wipe out the residues and also clean the drum by using damp clothes.

  • Leave the door open after washing

Do not close the doors immediately after washing. It is better to leave the doors open so that it can get dried up from inside and the moisture is removed. Certain parts may also get damaged due to moisture, that need to be dried up by using dry towel.

  • Dispenser for detergent and fabric softener must be cleaned

This is specially in case of automatic washing machines where separate dispensers are available for storing detergent. It is necessary that these dispensers and fabric softeners must be regularly cleaned up otherwise bacteria may accumulate and your clothes may get infected with bacteria during washing. This will hamper the quality of cleaning. Your washing machine will also end up getting contaminated.

  • Regularly check the hoses

For smooth flow in and out of water it is necessary that you must check the condition of hose and make sure that there is no blockage. If it is not possible to unblock then try replacing them.

  • Clean the filter

Clean the filter regularly so that it is not blocked due to dirt particles that accumulates after washing dirty clothes.

  • Use the machine carefully

Your washing machine is certainly very powerful machine and can clean your clothes with very little amount of efforts. However, that does not mean that you should use extra amount of clothes while washing. Improper use of such machine will not only reduce its life but also you will end up improper cleaning of your clothes.

  • Select right kind of detergent

Do not use any harsh cleaners that can damage the parts of the machine and reduce its life.

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