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Things to tell your child before sending them to boarding school

Are you planning on sending your child to boarding school? Well there are a lot of benefits of sending an young mind to an atmosphere which promotes an all round development and hence a lot of parents choose to send their child to boarding schools. However it is important to remember that surviving in a boarding school is not an easy task for every child.

The top most boarding school in india will of course not only take care of your child’s needs and education, but there are a few things that are best taught and made aware of by parents. Here are some of the most important things that you need to tell your child about when sending them to a boarding school:

  1. Every boarding school comes with its own set of rules and conduct and hence you need to tell your child that they will have to make sure that they follow the basic rules and regulations that their school sets out for them. This in turn will help them to adjust to the demands and the requirements of the school quickly and hence they will cope up better with the new surroundings.
  2. It is very important that you teach your children about good touch and bad touch. They are basically on their own when it comes to staying in a boarding school and hence they need to be informed about these matters. You need to tell them about the various measures as to what they need to do when somebody’s touch makes them uncomfortable. Pay regular visits and check up on your child to make sure that you get to know if something is wrong and so that you can report it to the school as and when necessary.
  3. The other most important thing that you need to teach your child is not falling prey to bullying. Peer pressure and bullying are something that children often have to encounter from a very young age and the more sensitive your child is, the more affected they will be. So make sure that you teach them what to do in case they get bullied or how effectively can they control a situation when they are getting bullied. Tell them not to get bogged down when something like this happens and rather go and share it with their principal.
  4. The best residential boarding schools in india offers numerous opportunities where the children take part and engage in extracurricular activities. Tell your children to join the one that they like the most so that they can experience an all round training of the senses and the body.
  5. And finally encourage your children with positive stories of boarding schools. Ask them to make new friends, take part in school projects etc so that they may easily mingle with the workings of the school. Tell them to concentrate both on their studies and extracurricular activities for their own development.

The point of sending your child to a boarding school is to make sure that they make the best of their student life, so tell them these important things that they need to know.

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