Kali River Rafting Trip

Things People Should Bring on Kali River Rafting Trip

If you have never experienced river rafting in your entire life and you are going for the rafting very first time, then it can be a little confusing what should you carry along to rafting trip. No matter whether you are a rafting expert as people usually forget what all to pack for the river rafting trip. You need to consider so many things before booking your river rafting trip like weather conditions, accommodation facilities, the lifestyle of that place, and much more. Kali River in Dandeli is popular for the white water rafting and the place remains rushed with the tourists all across the year. Before you book River Rafting in Dandeli  don’t forget to know things everyone should bring on a rafting trip.

Below are the Essential Things That Everyone Should Ensure to Carry if Booking River Rafting in Dandeli:         

  1. Reliable Shoes or Footwear:

Because rocks on the river side are always slippery, so make sure to avoid pairs of footwear that are bit slippery. Such pairs of footwear can work fine while you are doing rafting, but provides no protection if you are walking on the river side. Therefore, it is always recommended to bring sturdy or strong shoes and sandals for the river rafting.

  1. Extra Plastic Bags for Keeping Wet Clothes:

Before you go for the river rafting, always ensure that you keep an extra bag for keeping dry clothes inside it. Since your clothes would get wet after coming out of the river, therefore, it is essential that you should have a plastic bag to keep clothes.

  1. Lotion:

During rafting, you are so likely to get a sun tan and various other skin problems because a number of people with different skin problems raft in the same river. So, make sure to apply lotion on your whole body before you go for Kali river rafting.

  1. A Big Water Bottle:

Since it can be very hot during summers, therefore, it is advisable to bring a big water bottle as it can help you to sustain warm summers.

  1. Immunity Booster:

Because you are going to spend your whole day under the sun, sitting in the sand, enjoying with friends, your immune system is expected to get complex. Therefore, make sure to bring whatever can help you to boost your immunity system.

  1. First-Aid Box:

No matter whether it is your first experience or you are rafting veteran, make sure to bring the first-aid box along with you so that aid could be provided as quickly as possible if you or any of your friend gets injured during rafting.

  1. Small Ground Blanket Or Mat:

You may feel like resting on the sand after doing rafting. So, make sure to bring some old mat or blanket so that you can rest on it. Also, if you don’t want to keep your wet clothes on the sand, you can keep them on that blanket without any hassle.

Are you planning to  Kali River Rafting Booking? If yes, then make sure to read this checklist of things to carry on the river rafting trip. If you do river rafting booking with Dandelidreams then they can guide you well what all you require to carry for river rafting.

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