Take Necessary Precautions to Enjoy Pregnancy after 40s

There are many women who are of the wrong opinion that it is not possible give safe deliveries after the age of 40. But the question definitely lingers in their minds that how the female celebrities across the globe postponing their childbirth until they have crossed their 40s. Medical professionals have been stating that the ideal pregnancy period for any woman is during her 30s, so as to enjoy delivering healthy babies. Post 35 age, the chances of congenital abnormalities and Down’s syndrome can arise. With the field of medical technology enjoying revolution, new concepts and researches are helping it to touch new heights. As a matter of fact, advanced medical technology and sophisticated medicine has made it possible for women in their 40s to experience healthy pregnancy, without the complications involved. However, some lifestyle changes are to be considered and rely upon assisted instruments for conceiving during their 40s.

Safe tips to get pregnant after the 40s

The following tips can help women in their 40s and after to experience healthy delivery of babies.

  • Consult a good physician before pregnancy: All possibilities are to be considered for healthy conception. All probable complications are to be discussed and the different ways to follow for eliminating them. An action plan is an absolute must for conception and to know about the available fertility options. Childbearing after 40 does require special attention. Necessary investigations will be conducted by the physician to ensure the woman is capable enough to deliver the child. Chromosomal birth defect that may take place in infants is also to be known. The physician will offer medicine oncology in pregnancy to ensure safe delivery.
  • Gestation induced diabetes and hypertension: During pregnancy, hypertension is bound to take place and the risk is sure to increase with age. Blood pressure is to be monitored continuously and some medications can be prescribed by the physician along with special diet for keeping pressure under control. Without proper and timely treatment, it could lead to development of preeclampsia. According to the experts, gestational hypertension is stated to be pregnancy induced condition. It only increases with age. It can also prove to be fatal for the bigger baby, if left untreated. Therefore, blood sugar level is to be kept under tight control and this is possible with healthy diet and exercise regimen. Medication and pregnancy pain medicine can help diabetes and pain under control.
  • Know about conditions after conception: Placenta previa, still births, miscarriage and premature deliveries are often faced by older women. Also there is the tendency to bleed excessively after childbirth at this age. The reason is because, fresh eggs are not produced by women during their 40s and number of eggs present in them is genetically decided. Hence, the older the women gets, the eggs also become older. But at times, such women may experience easy and complication free delivery.

Therefore, it will be wise to contact the qualified and experienced physicians to get the best possible advice and remedies to enjoy healthy pregnancy and deliver of the baby.

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