SMS Marketing: New Weapon in the Hands of Marketing Experts

The competition in the market has made every business raise its bar and take all the possible actions that can help one get more customers and larger client base. It is necessary for the business to keep on adding new clients that can help the business to survive and grow.

The marketing experts have found a new option for effective marketing which is nothing but the SMS which is an old age system used on the basic mobile phones. They are easy to access and help the client to get more business in a limited span also. Hence it is known as an effective mean to marketing in this era.

With the rapid growth of population, the area for sharing information is also increasing. For facing this tremendous situation, we have the facility of Transactional SMS by which the sender can send his SMS to the normal public within no time by using his Sender ID and the best part of these SMS is they are available 24×7 without any sending time limitation. This is the great reason due to which concept of transactional SMS is getting peak popularity. There are lots of company which is using these SMS for their marketing, promotion or any other purpose of business.

Benefits of using Transactional SMS:

In the market there are various transactional SMS providers who are working to provide this facility among vast population, there are various benefits being offered by using these messages like:

* After the latest update of TRAI guideline it has become possible to send messages to the NDNC (National Do Not Contact Registry) or DND ( do not disturb ) registered customers by using Transactional SMS.

* As these are not promotional messages so in an emergency situation when it is needed to send important updates or alert among large mass we can opt for transactional SMS.

* By using transactional SMS you can send the generic, informative and critical information without any delay or time limitation.

Features of Transactional SMS

There are several SMS gateway centers which are offering this transactional service in bulk. There are some selected companies by TRAI which are offering the service of transactional bulk SMS gateway, let us know about different features of it-

  1. DND number: One can deliver messages on all numbers.

  1. Time of Delivery: Messages can be sent any time 24×7 from the sender ID.

  1. SMS delivery: SMS are delivered by using predefined approved templates from SGC.

  1. Options of Gateway: There are two gateway options, Normal SMS gateway, and High Priority SMS Gateway.

  1. Sender ID: Static Alpha-Numeric Sender ID

  1. Multiple SMS Gateway: This feature is assigned to all clients automatically.

  1. Cost of Set up: No charge, set up is free.

There is a number of companies which are extensively using the feature of Transactional SMS for different purposes. You can easily access to different SMS gateway by registering to any firm and sending bulk SMS in completely free manner. The delivery rate of transactional SMS is almost 100% with instant delivery at the correct time.

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