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Is It The Right Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

During summer seasons in India air conditioners are the only appliance in your household that can make the environment comfortable. Now question is how long your AC will continue to give you the required service. Maybe after few years you may find that it is not running as efficiently as it used to run while it was new. AC may not run forever however with proper maintenance you can extend its life. Other factors like climatic condition of your area and how much you use your AC will decide the life of your AC.

Even a very well maintained AC of Voltas or any other make may also start giving trouble after few years. Therefore following are the list of signs that will give you a notice that now you need to replace your AC very soon. In case you find these signs then check from HVAC professionals whether repair is possible or not otherwise it is best to replace it.

  • AC sometime blows hot or cold air irrespective of setting

If the air blow is not as per the setting then it is a sign of problem with your AC. There could be something wrong with valves, filters, condensation drains and obstruction of air flow within the coils. Check up with HVAC professional and if you get this problem even after its repair then it is time to replace the whole unit.

  • Significant reduction in air flow

Some time you may observe that your AC is not supplying any cool air at all. The air flow is significantly reduced which can be due to compressor problem. In spite of your proper setting of thermostat, if your AC unit does not supply any cool air then your AC has exhausted his life as compressor unit is in last stage.

  • Strange noise and smells coming out of unit

If the functioning of various units of the AC is proper then it should not produce any noise. Little sound is quite normal which you will get used to after sometime however if it becomes too abnormal then you need to act. Some parts may be loose or there may be obstruction in the internal mechanism.

Bad smells may be due to damage of insulation or any formation of mould inside the duct or any other contamination. Check your filter too. If you find the bad smell after checking everything then you need to replace it.

  • Excess moisture is generating

If there is excess moisture than normal then get it checked by HVAC people if there is any leaking of refrigerant. This may also produce health risk and if the source of leakage is not traced out then the AC must be replaced.

  • Turning ON/OFF frequently

Air condition may cycle on and off to maintain set temperature but if that happens too frequently then there must be some malfunction. Get it checked by technician and decide accordingly.

  • Electricity bill has drastically increased

If AC has become too sluggish and inefficient then it may produce less cool air and yet your energy bill gets enhanced. It is right time to replace your AC.

  • Frequent repairs needed

In case Daikin AC or any other brand of AC needs frequent repair then consider about changing it.

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