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Revealed! The Pocket-Friendly way to Experience Goa

Goa. One place where everyone comes to just have a good time. Everyone is in a party mood and everyone wants to have the time of their life. But what if you can experience all that and still keep it super pocket-friendly. That’s right, you can enjoy Goa and all that it has to offer without breaking your bank. So here are few tips for you to experience Goa in a super pocket-friendly way.

Reaching Goa 

One big part of the Goa puzzle is how you reach there. And this is one part where you can save some real money. If you opt for flying into Goa, you will end up spending quite a lot on airfare. The way around this is to take a train to Goa. No matter if you are coming from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or any other part of the country, there is almost always a direct train available to Goa. You can book your IRCTC train tickets from the website or even your phone and set out on your journey in a matter of days which will not only be enjoyable but also fairly cheaper than any other alternative.

Where To Stay

The next big thing on any traveler’s itinerary after reaching a destination is the staying options.  But fear not, Goa has you covered. There is a barrage of stay options in Goa in almost all the localities you want to visit. Be it near the ever famous Baga Beach or near the town of Old Goa, you will be able to find a comfortable and sweet spot there. There is also one more pocket-friendly option which reeks of ultimate Goan lifestyle. And it is called a beach shack. Yes, you can rent a beach shack on a beach all to yourself at very low prices. Although don’t expect an attached washroom (you will have to make use of public utilities) or an AC in your shack, but living in a beach shack can be an experience of a lifetime.

What To Eat 

Doesn’t matter if we agree or not, deep down, everyone is a foodie. And what better place in India to explore and eat food than Goa. Goa is a culture made up of old Portuguese influences and Konkani cuisine which shows aptly in the lip-smacking food that is served here. Once in Goa, try to eat local food as much as you can as it is one of the most delicious tasting cuisines in the whole country. You will get a lot of good and cheap options right on the beaches of Goa, where little shops sell some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat.

What To Do 

When on a budget, the best way to enjoy is with nature. And Goa has no dearth of nature in form of oceans and beaches. The beaches are free and will make up for the most part of your travel experience while you are there. Apart from beaches, you can also visit the very historic side of Goa in form of churches and cathedrals. The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa is must visit for its eternal beauty and architecture. From there, you can also go visit Fort Chapora and live your Dil Chahta Hai moment with your friends.

Goa is a fantastic place for a budget traveler. The easiest way to reach Goa is through Indian railways and you can book your IRCTC train tickets pretty easily online. You have a lot of budget stay options in Goa and almost all the activities are completely free. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out for the ultimate pocket-friendly trip with your friends.

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