Reasons Why Businesses Need a Strong Firewall on Their Computer Networks


This article has been written to demystify the phenomenon of firewalls.  You may well ask, what is a firewall? If we draw an analogy with civil engineering, just as a lock is put in a door to keep the room out of bounds from strangers, a firewall is installed on computers networks so that unauthorized people or unwanted viruses do not attack it. Firewalls may not keep your networks or computers 100% free from attacks, but they will definitely create a barrier against the penetration of unwanted elements in the network or computer. Thus, a firewall is a very important feature of any individual computer of a network of computers.

Why do businesses need a strong firewall

The reasons for having a firewall are obvious-they prevent viruses, malware and other cyber threats and attacks. Of course, having a firewall also has indirect benefits. These may be the money saved from the downtime, which is avoided in case of network outages. Then there are compliance requirements, which compel networks to install firewalls. Firewalls also keep sensitive data safe. This data is not only client data but also the data that you have in your possession, which may be your secrets. The best next generation firewall avoids them from being stolen, sold or otherwise exploited.

The point here is you need to have a strong firewall installed for multiple reasons. You should also have it monitored, checked, reinforced and updated as required, at regular intervals by a qualified IT services provider. The main reasons for installing a firewall is because businesses do not want to suffer on account of

  • Malware
  • Ransom ware
  • Other cyber attacks

All computer networks require firewalls,

  • Your mom’s new PC with a dial-up connection to the internet;
  • A traveling businesspersons’ laptop that connects to an unsecured wireless network;
  • The thousands of servers and desktops that comprise the network of a giant corporation

Although, you may act brave, put in place anti-viruses, and hope that your network will remain safe.  However, merely installing anti-viruses will not insure your network from unsolicited attack.

Next generation firewalls, like physical locks and walls, will provide a certain amount of barrier to attacks, blocking people who are trying to take control of your data network. However, they will not keep your networks 100% safe from damage. A firewall will only make your network a less attractive target for malware. This is because all software has bugs, these bugs are exploited by unwanted elements, and they penetrate your network.


Thus, the importance of firewalls has been made evident through the above lines.  There is also an analogy drawn with a house door having a door lock compared with a network secured by a firewall.  The network is as safe from attack as much as your house is safe from the attack of strangers and thieves.  A firewall is a very important element of any network.


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