How To Quickly Master Social Media Marketing For Small Business

A new study has found out that one in five marriages that happened in last two years has resulted from interacting online.  Also, it has been studied and found that many corporations are aiming at social media to expand their client base and building a new customer relationship.

There is no secret that social media has a pivotal role in success or failure of any business and its influence is reaching every day. If you are looking to increase your presence then here are some tips for social media marketing that will benefit you.

Using Management Software

There are a plethora of apps and tools guiding and helping for social media management. What is important is to find the right combination of tools and apps that will suit your needs and help you with your organizational needs and objectives. There are many apps like HootSuite, buffer that you can start with.

When your search for the ultimate social media management app is over the most important thing is to learn the complete feature that it provides. Most people just use them to plan their day to day schedule but, to be honest, these apps go far beyond those simple basic functions, these apps are getting new features from time to time and it is very important to understand these apps in-depth so that you can maximize your productivity.

Automation is the need of the hour

When you are striving for the moon then you don’t have to worry about doing the basic yet repetitive task every day. In social media marketing automation is the thing. The following are some of the most basic things which you could automate and don’t waste your time doing manually on it.

  1. Following people back
  2. Mentioning people when the comment
  3. Retweeting witty and interesting messages on twitter
  4. Posting on quora, LinkedIn, yahoo or facebook.

The end result is, automation is necessary as by automating you will have more time to work and manage other aspects of your business. But one should never forget that automation is necessary but one should not lose the human touch it is also important to have a real conversation with people from time to time

Know Your Numbers

 A wise businessman once said that “if you don’t know your business you don’t know your business” and it is very important when it comes to social media marketing that you invest in analytical tools that will help you in your marketing campaign and boost your effectiveness on a wide variety of platforms.

The best example of an analytical tool is the archivist on twitter. This tools analyze your hashtag campaigns and analyze your tweets and retweets as well during any major event. Use tools like this to track your followers both new and lost, and which campaigns are successful, which is not successful and why?.

Be “Follow” Worthy

There 3 very important things which cannot be turned down by anyone a. free stuff

  1. getting famous
  2. the most important being right

be it Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn or any other network. Your profile should be very interesting and worth following. Run contests, give cashback and coupons on purchases like ajio( cash back on ajio ) and abof (cash back on abof ) does, do live streaming on twitter and facebook, have a meaningful debate with your followers. Try to start your own trending topic. Don’t just post on social media trying to grab attention or being an eye candy. Make your presentation interactive.

When you follow these trips and tricks I bet you people will surely become curious and your business will be booming in no time.


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