Purpose and utilities of Knobs

Everything that we see around has some utility or purpose. Right from the air conditioner which helps us escape the heat and from the needle which helps us stitch a tear in the clothes, every smallest as well biggest thing in the house or anywhere around us is there to serve a purpose in our day to day life.

Of course, these things might not be in regular use. But then, we do not use sweaters all year round too, but we still have them, right? There are many things which though we not seasonal or occasional, we still need to have them around. And most of these things, serve more than just one purpose. Therefore we do have to keep things like these at an arm’s distance.

The same logic applies to knobs as well. They are not given much importance in our routine life, but at the same time, their absence can make a huge difference to the life of anybody. We might not know the need or potential use. We even think the utilities of knobs ends with doors. But think again, we use these little ones for more than just opening or closing doors. Also, we are wrong in thinking that knobs just come in handy in the household. Nope, these are used in a lot more spaces than just the household.

  1. For any kind of Doors

Door knobs are known as an essential part of any door, be it room door, bathroom door or even bedroom and kitchen door.

  1. Cabinets require knobs too

Bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and hall, all have cabinets these days. And for easy opening or closing of these, knobs are a must.

  1. Drawers can’t be opened or closed without handles or knobs

An essential advantage or feature of a door is that its absence we would not be able to shut or open any kind of door.

  1. A permanent and required fixture in the household

No house or any other space with furniture in it can be complete without a door knob. How else would we keep our doors closed and where would we keep our documents if not in the drawers

  1. Knobs serve a commercial purpose too

Even in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, cafes and restaurants knobs are a must!

  1. Brass, glass and much more in terms of variety

From decorative knobs and hooks to antique brass cabinet knobs, these are available in all kinds of varieties. One can choose from many colors as well as materials.

Door knobs require a good grip to maneuver and turn the knob. These need to have a proper grip as well because the lack of grip could lead to hazardous situations. Also, improper door knobs might be inconvenient or troublesome for children as well as elderly people. So choosing the right door knob isn’t as easy as we assume it to be. It is also not an unimportant task or something which can be ignored as it is a part of routine life.

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