Properties and Functions of Natriuretic Peptides

Natriuretics are the peptides or the hormones which are produced by the heart as well as blood vessels. These are produced when human body experienced some sort of heart diseases or disorders related to the kidneys and the livers. Cardiac diseases give rise to so many disorders and failure of organs.

Hype in blood pressure can cause the multisystem failure. Heart is the central part which is responsible to pump the blood throughout the body when it gets dysfunctional then there are many organs which can affect and thus malfunctioning of the organs occurred. Blood pressure is raised due to the constriction of the blood vessels.

Obstacles in the blood vessels can be caused by cholesterol deposition and any other factors. In such conditions these natriuretic hormones are released in the body and thus reduce the stress on the heart. These act as the vasodilator. BNP means b type natriuretic hormone acts as diuretic which release the excess water and sodium form the body. It is present in the ventricles. When these ventricles stretch and expands due to the body fluid then this hormone works.

Natriuretic peptide function on cardiac diseases. It releases the excess tension t the wall of the ventricle. ANP is very effective natriuretic as well as kaliuretic. It also liberates the excess water and sodium through the urination. There are more hormones which are peptides in nature these are CNP and DNP these also work as the same way. These are cost effective and very assessable to the patients. These hormones release the excess fluid from the body and thus distress the blood vessels. Excess water volume in the body and the blood pressure in the heart are controlled by these hormones. There are so many problems associated with the cardiac system.

Hype in blood pressure can also lead to the kidney failure as well as liver damaging. In that case these peptides are very helpful to combat cardiac related diseases. These are synthesized in the body and can also be prepared in laboratory as drugs and medicines. Way of their preparation and synthesis is same as that of peptides; the difference is that they consist more than 120 amino acids. Scientists are on their best to evolve such kind of medicines which are proved to be beneficial to the cardiac patients. Natriuretics are really amazing to be used as drugs.


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