Online Share trading

Online Share trading: Know some benefits

Stock market investments over the web can be really thrilling and exciting for many to enter the financial market and to reap in huge profits. With high speed internet and the latest and fastest technological devices easily available, investors, both beginners and the experienced can now carry out stock trading from the comfort of their home. No more do they have to visit the stock broker’s office for carrying out their trading session. This way, they have greater freedom to trade and can enjoy more profits.

Some advantages of online trading

  • Saves precious money and time: Investors can now enjoy trading from the comfort of their home or just about anywhere using their desktop, laptop or smartphone.
  • Minimum brokerage charges: With online trading, middle-man broker is simply eliminated. There are several reputed brokers and major banks in the market who have been offering online trading platforms like ICICI direct, Sharekhan, 5Paisa, Motilaloswal, Kotak Securities, HDFC Bank, Geojit, Appuonline and JV Financial, etc.
  • Autonomy: Now, online investors are offered greater freedom to determine what they wish to trade and not have to depend fully upon the broker. It is the investor who is in full control of his investments and not the broker.
  • Chart profitable stocks: Investors are allowed by the company to chart profitable stocks and to update them with the latest news and happenings in the global and local market.
  • Additional online help and facility: Online brokerage firms are now able to contact the investment counselors and other trained brokers for assistance when trading.
  • Thorough check: Investors can now check thoroughly the portfolios, as they are now able to use the accounts opened with the online brokerage firms.
  • Instant access: The investor is provided with the provision to access instantly his trading account over the web and get to know about the market details in just a couple of clicks. This helps to avoid hasty decisions and also stay updated pertaining to the current stock information, recent news with regards to the company that is being planned to invest in or has been already invested in.
  • Paperless transactions: Online trading helps to eliminate the involved paperwork, thus saving the environment. Share certificates can now be deposited in DMAT electronic form to the individual’s online trading account.
  • NRI Advantage: These days, the number of NRIs investing in the BSE and NSE has increased with time. This is because, online trading does offer them with a safe option to invest even when they are staying abroad.
  • Flexibility with order placement: Offline orders can also be placed during non-market hours.
  • Plenty of information accessible easily over the web: The web does offer the online stock investor with plenty of information required by him to stay updated and gain more useful knowledge and tips about the market. He can also get to know about stocks, mutual funds, share market,  and other financial markets.
  • Transaction record well maintained: All transactions that are related to purchase or sales of securities done through online trading can now be safely and permanently recorded without having to maintain anything manually. These can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere without any hassle.

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