Surveillance Software Review

The One Spy – Cell Phone and Computer Surveillance Software Review

TheOneSpy is a surveillance software application facilitating users to look after their family and business monitoring their activities on mobile phones and computers. This application allows monitoring Windows Computers, MAC Computers, and mobile phones running Android, iOS, and Blackberry Operating systems. There are various packages and subscriptions to choose from depending on the operating system and selected features.

Features of the Surveillance Software

The spy software enables the user to monitor and operate a mobile phone and computer device without accessing it. Once the user installs the app on the target device, it can be monitored and controlled from an online account. Given are the core features of the spy app allowing the user to monitor kids, employee and significant others.

Monitor SMS, MMS, and IM

All the text messages, multimedia messages, voice messages, instant messages and thread conversations sent and received on the target device can be tracked and stored. The timestamp of these messages and the contact information of the sender and receiver can be viewed.

Call Recording and Call Logs 

The phone calls received and made from the target mobile phone can be listened, recorded and intercepted. The cell phone call logs and VOIP call logs comprising detail of the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, phone number of the caller and receiver, timestamp and duration of these calls.

Track GPS Location

The user can identify the current and previous GPS locations of the target and mark areas as allowed or prohibited. The app will notify the user if the target enters the forbidden areas.

Email Monitoring

The inward and outward emails of Gmail account can be read; the email address of the sender and receiver of the email and timestamp of each email can be tracked. The surveillance software also allows logging into the email account of the target using the keystrokes applied to the target device.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

The most popular and prevalent social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter can be tracked. The user can break into the dangerous social media apps for teenagers and underage children such as Tinder, Kik, and Vine. Moreover, the individual and group conversations made and activities performed on WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Line, Viber, Telegram, Tumblr, Hangout, Hike, IMO, and Zalo can be monitored.

Website Blocking and Internet Browsing History

Mac spysoftware free provides the user with the user-friendly statistics showing the date, time and frequency of visiting each website on the targeted mobile phone and computer system. The user can block the inappropriate and unrequired websites to prevent the target from using them. The URL of the unwanted websites can be entered or keywords can be placed to block the content and web pages containing those keywords.

Operate Camera and MIC of target device

The user can send a command to the front and rear cameras of the target mobile phone to capture photos and record videos of the surrounds. Meanwhile, the user can remotely operate the microphone of the target device to listen to and record the voices and sounds nearby the spied mobile phone and computer. These photos, videos and voice recording are stored on the user’s online TOS account from where they can be seen and downloaded.

Screen Recordings

The screen of the targeted device can be captured to detect what the target is doing or watching over the mobile phone or computer in real-time. The screenshots are stored on the online account that user can access providing the confidential credentials.

That is not all! There are scores of other features that facilitate parents and employers to watch out their children and employees tracking their mobile phones and computer devices.

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