Flight claim compensation

Make your Holidays worth with Flight Claim Compensation

Usually, every holidaymaker enjoys a great time and comes back to the home hassle-free and happily. But what if your holidays get ruined either because of a flight delay or flight cancellation. There are many travellers who get the problems with their flights when they are going to their destination, coming from the destination or when they are at their destination only. But there is nothing to worry about as you can claim for the refund if you face such situation. If your flight has been cancelled or delayed during when you are on the holiday trip, it may be a frustrating situation for you but you can make your holidays worth by applying for the flight claim compensation.

It is a fact that companies do not easily provide you with the compensation amount, so it is essential for you to be aware of your rights that can help you to get the compensation amount you are liable to. If the airline company you travel with ignores your complaint, you have the right to go to the Civil Aviation Authority for taking help.

Things to consider if your flight is delayed:

  • If you are travelling to some destination in a European Union based airline, no matter whether you are travelling to EU or not, then feel yourself protected with the Denied Boarding Regulation. The type of flight claim compensation you will be receiving is based on the duration of flight delay and how far you are travelling.

For example, if the flight you were travelling in was within Europe had to travel less than around 930 miles and flight delay duration is of two hours, then you are eligible to avail a couple of free calls, refreshments, meals, transfers, and accommodation if you require. The same rule implements on the flights that cover the distance of 2174 miles. If your delay is for more than five hours, then you are liable to ask for a refund and reject to travel.

  • It is also crucial to ensure that if the delay in your flight is because of some riots i.e. political instability or a natural calamity, these circumstances are the extraordinary circumstances under which you are not allowed to apply for any type of flight claim compensation amount.
  • If your flight that covers the distance up to 923 miles, you are allowed to claim for around 216 Euros only if your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours. A flight that covers the distance up to 2174miles and delayed for more than four hours, you are likely to get 590 Euros as the compensation amount.

Things to consider if your flight is cancelled:     

  • The rules are same for the cancelled flights as well. Either you can claim for the full refund amount or a new flight for the same day.
  • If you have been informed of the flight cancellation two weeks well in advance, you are allowed to get the refund amount, but no compensation amount.
  • If your flight is cancelled on the same day, make sure that you are eligible to get compensation amount only if you have checked in at the airport at the right time.

So, if you are on your trip and you have to face such situation while travelling with the European Union Airline, you no more need to worry as you can easily apply for the Flight Claim Compensation with FlyAndi that helps you in guiding with the whole procedure of compensation.


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