What Are the Main Types of Tables?

A table is a piece of furniture featuring one or more legs and a flat top used as a plane for activities like eating, working or placing items of utility or decoration. The table can be of any texture, colour, shape or size. Tables date back to the ancient times of Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

There are numerous types of table tops. You can source them from as varied places like antique shops to furniture stores to a children furniture sale.

Tables come in a variety of materials like wood, glass and metal. They come in types of legs. A pedestal table for instance has a central, single foot. Long tables on the other hand, have extra leg support.

Table tops come in various shapes like rectangular, oval, square or round. Most tops can be adjusted to alter size, shape, height or position. Some can be folded for easy transport (storage/ camping. etc.). Tables can be designed to be free standing or placing against a wall. Those placed against walls are called as console tables or pier tables.

Some of the other types of tables are:

  • Dining room tables:These are designed for purposes of formal dining.
  • Night tables, bed side tables, night stands: Located mostly in bed rooms, they are used for placing glasses, alarm clocks, lamps and other such personal items.
  • Coffee tables:These are low tables placed usually in living rooms with sofas for conveniently placing items like books or drinks.
  • Refectory tables: These are long tables meant for seating many people, particularly for meals.
  • Drafting tables: feature a top that can be tilted for creating a large technical drawing. They may also have a ruler or similar element.
  • Work benches: The are robust tables, often elevated for use along with a high chair or stool, which are utilized for repairs/ assembly or other meticulous handwork.
  • Study tables: These are tables used for reading/ writing/ storing books etc. These include storage facilities like l shaped study tables with storage.

Some of the older models of study tables are:

  • Loo tables:Popularly used in 18th and 19thcenturies like small dining tables, tea tables or candle stands,they get their name from the original purpose for card games called as lanterloo or loo.
  • Pembroke tables: Also, popular in 18th and 19th centuries,they have a rectangular or oval top. Most have four legs and one or more drawers. They are designed for easy storage, movement and use for dining, writing or serving tea.
  • Work tables: Small tables used to hold sewing implements and materials, which provide a convenient place of work for women who wanted to sew. Most have rectangular tops and one or more drawers equipped with partition.
  • Drum tables: Round tables used for writing and fitted with drawers surrounding the platform.
  • End tables:Small tables placed beside arm chairs or couches.
  • Billiard tables, chess tables, table tennis tables, poker tables: These are designed for use in playing games and sports such as billiards, chess, table tennis and poker respectively.

These are some of the types of tables used in the past and today.

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