Local Search Engine Optimization in a Nutshell

Local search engine optimization, as the name implies, is the process or part of SEO strategy, with an ultimate goal of magnetizing local traffics towards the website. Brick and mortar business houses often use it as their target market is the local market. Thus, any business with a target to capture the local clients or customers only, can go for the local search engine optimization. Now you would be curious to know – what are the elements of local SEO strategy? Well, in simple words, local SEO is just equal to SEO, but in this case, a little alteration in strategies has been made. Search engine, like Google has two kinds of section when it comes to ranking website. It has a local rank – at the local domain of the Google, as well as has a global rank – the common global platform of Google, i.e. Google.Com.

The ultimate goal of Sand Crest Dental SEO or search engine optimization is to attract potential buyers of customers towards the website. Well, in case of local search engine optimization, same thing happens – though it is all about magnetizing the local buyers or clients. Local SEO is based upon an array of strategies, which are invented and employed by the webmasters to provide excellent ranking. There are several ways of accomplishing the higher local rank and superb local lead conversion and in local SEO the following web platforms are taken into accountability, as the part of the strategy to bolster the visibility of the website:

  • Google Map
  • Google Place
  • Press Releases in local PR websites
  • Listing company into the local directories
  • Listing company in mobile searches
  • Incorporating phone number and email ids in the Meta Tags or meta description part
  • Finding keywords that are feasible for local SEO

 How the Process Works?

Well, to know the modus operandi of local search engine optimization, you have to focus on a few points. If you are familiar with general SEO or search engine optimization, then you will find that local SEO is not a big deal or not too complex to understand rather very interesting to carry out. Have a look on the complete process in order to understand this:

Evaluation of the Current Performance of Website

In-depth analysis of the website is the first task for the webmasters. First you have to find the present rank of your website in Google or other major search engines. Secondly, you have to measure the nature of the visitors and from where they are coming mostly. Accumulating these data is highly required as you need to build your plan of action based on these data.


After collecting and getting aware of the present position of the website in the search engine, the next big task is to develop strategies. Strategy development can be done in different ways and it is a relative matter – which varies from webmasters to webmasters. Though, in order to get success with local SEO, you need to employ some common steps, which are very fruitful to provide excellent local ranking in the major search engines. Here are they:

Local On Page Optimization: Update the website with local information, i.e. with local keywords. You can add the name of the place, at the end or beginning of the main keyword of your website. Update the HTML tags, including – Meta Tags, Meta Description, ALT tags, etc accordingly.

Last but not the least, you complete SEO job, that means blog and article submission will be done by employing the local keywords.

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