Lesser Known Facts and Benefits of Amla And Triphala

When it comes to keeping the body fit and healthy, a well-balanced diet is as important as regular exercise. Both go hand in hand if one wants to maintain the weight and keep healthy as well. However, most believe that if they exercise they will not need to take care of what and how much they are eating. Unfortunately, because of this, there are so many of us who look fit, but when it comes to body stamina or physical fitness, there is not much to vouch for. And then, of course, there are hundreds who don’t exercise at all. It is the worst for such people as later on, these are the people who are suffering from poor immunity are prone to fall ill due to the smallest of reasons.

For people who are lazy and/or do not have the time to squeeze in a little bit of exercise time into their busy schedules, following a healthy diet becomes a must. For such people, including green vegetables, salads and fruits in their daily consumption would prove to be very beneficial. Apart from these food items, there is one more thing which if consumed regularly could prove to be a great blessing. And these are the various kinds of juices as well as churan (digestive powders). From Amla to carrot and aloe vera to giloy, every type of juice is beneficial in its own way to the human body. Amla juice is one of the most popular ones in India under the fitness category. One can buy amla juice online India as well through various portals. However, when it comes to churan Triphala has by far proven to be the most effective as well as successful in the Indian market. One can start using tripahala by Triphala buy online or through any store. Bear in mind that both Triphala, as well as Amla, are available in the form of juice as well as churan. Of course, one can opt to consume them in their raw form as well. It all depends on one’s choices and preferences.

buy amla juice online IndiaFor the uninitiated, here are a few lesser known facts about these two products which can help one get the body in perfect shape and health

  • Amla Juice
  • Amla cures a cough and cold
  • Vitamin C deficiency can be cured by consuming amla regularly
  • Digestion disorders and constipation problems can be overcome by drinking amla juice or consuming amla churan regularly
  • Amla helps to prevent cancer


  • Triphala
  • Triphala helps in internal cleansing and digestion
  • One of the best, easiest and safest ways to lose weight
  • It is available in the form of tablets, juice, Triphala tea, churn as well as liquid extract
  • It is referred to as “nectar of life” because of the many health benefits it provides

With the mentioned benefits one must consume Amla and Triphala regularly to help the body keep feet and fine with very few efforts and at a much low cost than many other options available in the market.

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