Details About Hat Collecting

Know In Details About Hat Collecting- Clay Hutson Guides You Completely

Hat collecting is more than a hobby. It shows the vintage collection sense to modern sense of collection. Some people have the brown velvet hat with two male birds, and there are people who have kept many hats in their antique shop and sold it or exchanged it.

Clay Hutson Gives A Complete Scenario of the Variety of Hats

Collecting hats is an important thing, but one should try to understand the status of the social wearer who wore the hat. The vintage hats that were from the Victorian era will bring to the light the living conditions and is more than a historical treasure.

There were mourning hats that women used to wear for a function as a funeral and visiting the home if the dead person. The hats may have some jeweler laced with it, and most of the hats had a veil. The color of the veil was usually black, and in some cases, the veil color was lilac and grey. This hat was predominantly used in the Victorian era.

Straw skimmers are round hats that are used in outdoors and will help in keeping away sunshine. The patterns of silk braids were there laced in the hat, and it was considered as useful. There will be decorative embellishments on the hat that would help in making a fashion statement.

The circular bonnet is another form of hat that has gained acceptance, and it was made of cotton. The bonnet was made of straw and trimmed with silk, and the draw bonnets had become oval, and it would frame the face naturally than the rounded ones. There was spoon bonnet hat that was laced ribbons and lace.

The bowler hat or the derby hat made their entry in the1850’s feels Clay Hutson. The derby hat was able to establish itself outside Europe and was prominently accepted in America. So, the hat owners can easily see these vintage hats in many parts of the world and can add to their collections. The Cow boy hat was stylish when compared with Derby hat, but it was the bowler Derby hat that was accepted more.

Derby hat was considered for a male wearing, and the hat got a comic look thanks to the Chaplin wearing it and giving it another dimension. Lawrence and Hardy popularly known as Laurel and Hardy comic series ensured that Derby hat became a real popular hat thanks to their comic hits. Derby hat then started making it for women and started using veils. There was a rumor that derby hats made for railway workers and these hats were small in size. The railway workers could not wear these hats, and then these hats were given to the ladies who had small head during those times and derby hats for women were born.

Tips for collecting hats

Clay Hutson feels that one should collect hats after verification and one should try to collect a variety of hats possible. Every hat has something to say, and it would be real time to pass and unearthing into the past culture that will help in understanding more about the forefathers.

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