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Know your coffee better

Are you one of those people who can’t live without their morning coffee? Coffee has become the go to beverage for many of us in the recent times. Coffee seems to give us the energy for us to perform our day to day activities. Many people have also become caffeine addicted for their love for coffee. But there are so many different types of coffee available. Cappuccino, latte, espresso, etc., it is like a separate language has been made for coffee. It might get a little confusing for the new coffee drinkers to distinguish between all of them. But once you get to know all of them, all there is left is to choose your favourite type and drink it whenever you like.

Most of the types of coffee are espresso based drinks. They are made in a cappuccino machine where three ingredients are common, namely- espresso, steamed milk and foam. The difference in the taste of the espresso based coffee is due to the difference in the proportion of the main ingredients and occasionally the addition of some extra ingredient. The main types of espresso based drinks are:

  • Espresso and Double Espresso– This is the main foundation of all the coffee drinks. This is what people more commonly call as black coffee. People often wonder about how to make black coffee. Mainly it consists of a shot of espresso in an espresso cup. The double espresso is just the same thing except that instead of one shot there are two shots of espresso used.
  • Macchiato– This is a simple yet popular coffee drink favoured by many. In it the harsh taste of the espresso is reduced by the addition of steamed milk and foam on top of each other to form three distinct layers when it is presented to the customer.
  • Americano– The simple Americano does not involve the use of any kind of milk. It is made by just adding water to a shot of espresso. Americano is preferred by people who like their coffee with a strong taste.
  • Latte– This espresso based drink is much sweeter as compared to the other counterparts. The addition of a large amount of steamed milk to the shot of espresso gives it its distinctive sweet taste. Micro foam is also added on top of the latte to make it look as well as taste good.
  • Cappuccino– The cappuccino is quite similar to the latte. They key difference between the two drinks is the proportion of milk foam in them. Cappuccino has a lot more foam in it than a latte. You will even find that a cappuccino is served with chocolate sprinkled on top of it in many cafes.
  • Mocha– All the chocolate lovers, mocha is where your love for chocolate as well as coffee combines. It is a mix between hot chocolate and a cappuccino. Chocolate powder is mixed with the espresso shot in the beginning to intertwine the two flavours and then the rest is prepared as a cappuccino would be with an extra sprinkle of chocolate powder on top of the prepared drink.


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