Knobs Can Upgrade The Appearance Of Your House

Knobs play a very important role in our life. Whether you notice it or not, knobs are making your life very easy and handy. Knobs not just make things easy but attractive too every house has so many cabinets and every cabinet possesses knobs right? Since knobs are there, what if you pay some more important to their existence?

Exactly, what is the point if the knobs of your cabinets are dull and boring? Such knobs will only give a dull appearance to the entire house, kitchen, bathroom or so on. Come on, just because you don’t know, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t variety available in knobs. You can pick any type of knobs like Glass cabinet knobs, solid knobs and so on. These knobs, their types, shapes and material give a phenomenal feel to the users and viewers both.

A Peep into Depth of knobs

There are plenty of different sizes, colours and styles of knobs to pick from. While there is no particular type of knob that is believed to be the best, there are optimal kinds of knobs for meeting particular needs. Some of the most important and crucial factors are size, design, composition, shape, extended availability, warranty, price and comfort.

The size of a knob itself is vital to consider. Some knobs might be too small or too large for personal preference. People who are not sure of what size of knob they really want can spend some time on going through different knobs. Sometimes, it takes various visual images to disclose a preferable size. For the ones who already know what size of knob they really looking for, it is helpful to search an object of similar size to trace onto the paper. If there are no objects in hand, try to draw your desired size of cabinet knob. Once you have done it, just use a ruler to measure dimensions of the desired knob. It will make it quite easier to filter outcomes when searching virtually.

Then apart from considering the size of the knob itself, it is vital to think about the size of its screws. Various smaller knobs are there to be placed on shorter doors, so their screws might also be smaller. However, larger knobs intended for larger cabinet doors might have multiple screws or thicker screws. In case there are existing holes in cabinet doors, it is vital to measure them. It is generally possible to drill bigger holes to house bigger knobs. However, it is much more challenging to repair larger holes in cabinet doors when installing the smaller knobs with smaller screws.

Not just this, the location of holes is also important to consider in accordance with the size of the knob. For bigger knobs that demand two holes, some existing openings in the cabinet doors might be placed too low. If you are one of such fellows who don’t have the time or cash to spend on repairing the doors then you should ensure any existing holes shall work with knobs you are considering.


So, all in all, there are different types and styles of knobs. Whether you want vintage glass cabinet knobs, glass knobs or any other type of knobs, you can grab the best once you have an idea about them.


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