Is It Costing You Too Much of Everything?

Shipment Auditing is a process of examining or verifying the shipment invoices for correctness.There are various costs attached to the shipments of a product such as the cost of transportation from a place to another, packaging, documenting, loading and its unloading as well as the insurance for transportation. Verification of these invoices can be hectic for humans which may lead to error in the process. Also, with the increase in fuel prices, the cost of the shipments has also increased as fuel is required for transportation be it any means; therefore, adding another invoice for verification. Auditing the invoices can be easy if there are few consignments but the difficulty level increase for a company if they have to ship thousands of goods every month.

What’s the solution?

It takes time, money and manpower in order to handle all the audit process for a company, delaying the time taken for delivering the shipments to reach the destination. The possible solution to avoid this hindrance is to outsource the auditing process to a third company who are well organized to carry the burden of this process.

What are the advantages in outsourcing Audit process?

It is always beneficial to hand over a task to a professional figure be it any field and Shipment Auditing can be no different. They can get the job done in less span of time as well as charging very few keeping your pockets full. Below are some reasons why you should consider outsourcing the auditing process:

Saves time:An Auditing company is highly skilled in the audit of the shipments. They deal with various vendors at a time and are bounded with it to process the shipments at their earliest. They take less time to process the invoice further. Thus, it reaches the customers earlier than before.

Saves money:If a company hires employee only for the purpose of auditing, it takes a lot of money and exactly the same amount of work can be done through an outsourced firm in only 10 percent of the money that a company sheds when they do it themselves.

Reduces the amount of error and is entitled to recovery:Human may make mistakes. It is natural, but the firm who is shipping the goods are not liable for any mistakes, if the goods are outsourced. It also increases the transparency for the top-level management and a detailed report from these company helps their customer understand it properly.

Someone offeringgoods audit can provide automated allocationof cost, reducing the number of invoices and frame a easily understandable report for customers to take intelligent decisions like consolidatingthe shipments forward and decreasingthe cost of every product group.

The manufacturer of the goods is always on a driver seat with the emergence of these auditing corporation because these companieshave to make sure that every invoice is correct, easily understandable and verified. Also, it is unbiased because of less to no intervention of humans in these processes.

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