WINDSOR LLC Publication Package

Introducing, The WINDSOR LLC Publication Package

Windsor Publishing Inc is a well-known company all over the 50 states. They are able to complete any document filing in as fast as 24 hours. If you are filing for a new New York Corporation or an LLCs, it will be filed on the same day without extra charges. The company’s goal is very simple;  provide accurate and complete filing of LLC’s Articles of Organization, publish any required notices, as well as file for the Certificate of Publication that your business needs.

They are not only helping out established companies but even the small ones who are just starting up, as well as any law firms to form and also publish LLCs, PLLCs, LLPs and also LPs. With Windsor Publishing, you know that you can receive the service that you need for your company.

The LLC Publication Order

With this complete package, the Windsor Publishing will be contacting your County Clerk’s office for the proper newspaper designation. Your notice will also be drafted and will be published in both newspapers. The company will also handle the payment transactions for the newspaper publication as well as the fee for the New York State Certificate of Publication.

        The Affidavits of Publication that is from the newspapers will be obtained and will be forwarded together with your Certificate of Publication for filing to the New York Department of State. On the other hand, the original evidence of the publication will be sent to you for the confirmation of compliance with the New York LLC publishing law.

The Price Match With Windsor

Windsor Publishing is aware that for every business, spending is one of the least that a business owner would want to do. And because the company values the loyalty of their clients, they can assure you that they can beat the competitor’s pricing offer by 150%. If for example with 2 weeks of placing your order and you are offered a lower price from a competitor, the company will refund 100% of the price difference. For the price match, visit for more details.

Why Choose Windsor Corporate Service?

Many may wonder why to choose Windsor Corporate Services to publish your LLC when in New York. The requirements that need to be done in order to officially start your LLC can take so much time, money and effort. This is one of the challenges that small business owners face. The newspaper publishing for an average of six weeks can be very pricey.

Windsor knows how to deal with any of this. They are familiar with all of the County Clerks as well as the newspapers in New York. With your LLC publishing requirement, they know how to help you with that. They are also receiving huge discounts offered by the local newspapers and they make it a point that they are able to pass these big savings to their clients, and that includes you.

With Windsor Publishing, you are not only saving your time and money, this can also be a stress-free process as you focus on starting up your LLC. They do the work efficiently while meticulously checking any legal notices to make sure that everything is error-free.

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