How to increase breast size by massage

How to increase breast size by massage?

A lot of women are familiar with breast massage, but not all of them know that breast massage can increase breast size. One can enhance the breast size just by massaging it with right tricks. There are several methods to do breast massage which include stroking, kneading and rubbing. When the breasts are stroked, the blood flow is increased through the tissues, and hence breasts grow bigger. Moreover, breast massage can also eliminate the chances of breast cancer. There are also various ointments as well as oils that can help the user to massage the breast area in a definite motion. There are some natural remedies including massage and diet that can help the females with the matter on how to increase breast size increased.

Below are the methods of massages one can employ to increase breast size.

Reiki Massage

This massage type increases the breast size, and it is also helpful in lifting the sagged breasts. One has to sit or stand in a strain-free position such that she can reach her breasts easily. The palms have to be placed on each breast and circulated in an inward motion. While circulating the palms, one has to press downwards and make sure not to let go the breasts. One has to rotate her breasts below the palm and rotation of both breasts should be done at the same to prevent uneven growth. This process has to be repeated for 5 minutes every day. Hence if the breasts are of small size, it may take time to get increased in size, and hence one has to continue the massage (1) with patience and consistency.

Feng Shui Massage

This method employs the circulation of energy in the whole body by circulating knuckles over the breast, slapping them and clawing the nipple in successive order. One has to make circular motions on each breast 20 times. Then after the breasts shall be slapped 50 times each and then the breasts shall be clawed each one 20 times. One can also squeeze the breasts for 5 minutes every time after taking off the brassiere.

Breast Slapping Technique

As the name says, this method involves slapping one’s breast. One has to hold the breast with one hand and slap it with the other hand. The same shall be done with the other breast. This procedure has to be repeated on a daily basis. Initially one might feel pain but if the pain is occurring the method is working. One can also combine this technique with fat brush technique for immediate results. With the help of this technique, many women have gained the increase in the size of the breasts.

Chi Massage

This massage has a goal grow the breasts with firmness. One has to focus on her breasts and channel all the energy of her body on to them. One has to rub her palms until they feel warm and place it on the breasts. Either hand should reach on either breast, right over right and left over left. Then one has to perform circulations over breasts. 50-60 rotations a day prove to be effective.


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