Important tips to buy original blue sapphire stone

Apart from selecting as a birthstone, most of the persons especially women love to get blue sapphire stones as their engagement ring. The incredible look and beauty of this blue stone has made it the favorite stone to prefer in making wedding jewels. Yes with single stone you can make a new fashion statement that clearly speaks about your quality and personality. At present, there are several online stores to provide you with blue sapphire stones. Here are some of the important tips to select the natural stone for you.

Tips to select the original neelam stone

Once you have decided to purchase neelam stone, then you should have a clear cut idea about the type of stone you need. Each of the stone is different and come with unique features. But with the important 4 factors knows as The 4 Cs, you can easily judge your stone.


Color is what the shade of the stone is. Check for the original blue color that is free from any artificial shading. The important factor is its saturation. Higher saturation makes better stone.


Few inclusions are found in most of the sapphire stones. Inclusions are the identity of original stones. Hence, if you come to get sapphire stone with no inclusions; chances are lot to doubt it as a synthetic stone. But keep in mind that these inclusions are not visible to naked eye. Check for the visibility of inclusions. If inclusions are less visible, then better is the grade of stone.


Cut is what make the neelam stone to make sparkle. Cut simply means the process of making it polished and faceted from its original and rough state. Grades are given for sapphire considering the factors including windowing, symmetry, brilliance and extinction.


Carat is the measuring unit of a stone. Yes, precious stones are weighed in carats. The weight affects the rate in terms of different colors. Generally larger gemstones come rare when compared with smaller ones and hence they demand good price in the market.

Pick the right shade in blue

This is one of the important factors to consider when buying a blue sapphire stone since color has great impact on its price. Stones come with variations in blue color. The most preferred color shades ranges from strong velvety blue to medium blue to medium dark shades.  It is your personal taste and preference that finally determines the selection of shades between light to dark.

Online store

At present, there is no need for you to search the street stores to purchase neelam stone. Original blue sapphire stone price are made so affordable by the online stores. Most of the people at present shop the stones sitting in the comfort of their room. With most secured online payment options and attractive online store, customers are provided with wonderful shopping experience online.

If you are nearing to your engagement date, then this is the right to get blue sapphire as your engagement ring for your girl. Let her feel your real love.


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