Hip Replacement – Six Essential Things to Know

With age, the different joints of the body tend to get decayed. Fortunately, with medical science advancing at a fast pace, it has become possible for patients to enjoy availing hip replacement surgery, which has currently being performed across the globe as routine procedure. Studies have revealed that millions of people are found to undergo hip surgery replacement procedure every year to enjoy productive and active life. Joint decay might have severe impact upon the patient’s mobility and can be extremely painful.

Previously, hip replacement procedure was not recommended for people below 60 years. However, advanced joint prosthesis has only made this procedure to be accessible to people of all ages. Hence, those acing issues with their joints can enjoy this procedure from the best hip replacement surgeon in India.

Some facts to know about hip replacement surgery

  • What happens during this surgical procedure: The surgery takes about two hours and requires placing of incision over hip and femur. The compromised bone, tissue and cartilage are removed. Femur present at the top gets replaced using plastic or artificial metal object that helps the patients to enjoy carrying out regular activities without facing the pain. Other types of surgeries are recommended by taking into account the patient’s weight, age and other factors.
  • Recovery period: It is a fact that every person is different and hence, different healing period will be required. The hip replacement generally requires the patient to stay at the hospital for about 3 to 5 hours, while the total recovery time is around 3 to 6 months.
  • Who is eligible to avail hip replacement surgery: Several reasons are present for people to develop hip problems. The common type found are osteoarthritis, injuries or rheumatoid arthritis, which causes premature deterioration in the hip joints. Age is not much of a concern to consider for hip replacement surgery. It will be useful to get immediate treatment and not wait until joint gets deteriorated to a large extent.
  • Are there experienced any type of complications while undergoing the surgery: Sophisticated artificial joint components when combined with modern surgical techniques can reduce all chances of complications. Joint dislocation is considered to be a common problem. Certain le positions and movements are to be avoided by fake hip patients during rehab period. This is to reduce risk of dislocation.
  • Other alternatives available to the surgical procedure: The alternative procedure depends upon the deterioration amount of the join as well as taking into consideration other factors. Few patients are advised to avail medications, anti-inflammatory and physical therapy to get relief from chronic pain. They may face extreme pain while driving, walking and performing regular activities. In such a case, surgery of the hips will be required.
  • Types of exercise to be performed: On starting of the rehab process, the beneficiary will be required to perform few exercises, so as to increase flexibility and avoid stiffness. People suffering from limited movability exercising after hip joint mobility is sure to enhance overall health.

With cost of hip replacement surgery being low, patients can enjoy getting back to their normal life.

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