Helpful Tips to Nail Your Canadian Immigration Interview in 2018

Have you applied for a Canadian immigration and have a formal interview in close dates? Are you nervous about your interview and aren’t sure about what to say when you are actually there? Don’t be spooked, you are not the only one by a long shot. Almost every person when applying for an immigration and preparing for the dreaded interview, gets jinxed to some extent. Some cope with it better and others fail to do so and put themselves in a bigger hole.

However, if you have nothing to hide and all the information you have provided is accurate, there might be nothing to worry about at all. Anyone applying for a Canadian immigration, short stay visa, student visa or a business and personal visit visa might be asked to appear for a formal interview, here are some helpful tips to nail your Canadian immigration interview in 2018:

Presenting Yourself

Usually there only is one immigration officer who you see at the embassy or their chosen interview location. If you are lucky, that one person should be jolly and in a good mood, but if you are not, presenting yourself in a way that can change his/her mood for the better is very important. Entering the room with a positive attitude, offering a smiley hi or hello to the interviewer.

Approach with a calm pleasant mood and don’t make any abrupt movements keeping your voice down at the same time. Basically, you don’t want to do or say anything that might infuriate the interviewer. They will judge you based on your body language and the way you talk to them. Be sure get their appreciation any which way you can.

Bringing All Required Documents

Usually, all your documents are already sent through post or online, yet there might be some interview special ones that need to be brought by the applicant. If you are applying for a visit or short stay visa, chances are that your particular visa type requires you to bring all application documents with you on the interview. Be sure to not miss any single one of them because interviews are one-time occasions and the interviewer will make his/her decision based on what they see in front of them.

To make all your documents more organized, you can get a large document folder with separated sections in it that you can mark or highlight using different colors or labels. Arranging all your different types of application documents like proof of finances, qualifications, English language results or passports and identifications in the order they need to be presented has the ability to remind you of each requirement that can be fulfilled as your fill up the folder.

Your Confidence and Consistency are Key

One of the major signs interviewers are looking for is the confidence level of the applicant. This maybe directly tied with how consistent you application is. If you have nothing to hide, you will be full on confidence and that is the way it should always be. Consistency in documents, dates and declarations is also key to your interview success. It might seem easy for the interviewers to miss a few falsified details such as qualification dates or work experience tenures and other overlapping declarations, but bear in mind that these guys are experts and have been doing this for a long time.

Any inconsistent information will be caught and even if it gets missed during the interview, it should be caught during any later stages of the application or even when you are actually in Canada. All good immigration consultants will tell you this and you should always make sure to provide consistent information and be as confident without being over-confident for your interview as possible.

Telling the Honest Truth is the Best Policy

Quite often people decide to hide some part of their relevant information or even tell lies about certain aspects of their application, this can be absolutely crucial. Telling the honest truth, no matter how unusual it might be is the best policy and can save you a lot of problems in the times to come.

Be sure to declare correct dates for all your documentation and answer all questions as truthfully as you possibly can. From experience, we can tell you that, the more truth you tell, more confident and present-able you will be during your interview. When looking for helpful tips to nail your Canadian immigration interview in 2018, honesty and truth are the best policies.

Value of Good Communication

Communication is a huge contributor during your interview for Canadian immigration. Be sure to communicate as best as you can. If you miss a question or don’t understand what the interviewer asked, ask them politely to repeat their question. Answer all questions with good communication standard.

Good communication has the ability to put your interviewer into the right moods to rate your application highly. Talk to them about what they ask you and also try to kick off a few other relevant topics if the chance arises.

Your Apparel and Looks Also Contribute

Additional to your presentation, the way you look and what you are wearing also counts. Immigration officers almost always judge you as soon as you enter the room for the interview based on how you are dressed. Wearing too casual clothing is a big downer for your chances of having a successful interview.

In fact, like everyone else, interviewers tend to develop certain perception of you based on your apparel. Be sure to wear decent clothing and may be even go with suits and tie to look sleek and professional. Avoid too bright colors and have a certain professional appeal about you.

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