Get Interferential Therapy Unit To Use In Hospital And Home

Interferential therapy is used by the medical professionals to treat pain related with different issues including back neck pain, shoulder & knee injuries, joint injuries, fibromyalgia, inflammation, edema, overuse injuries, surgical procedures, tennis elbow, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Flexible unit

Present models of interferential therapy unit can be used in the hospitals by medical professionals and in home by the individuals. Individual with chronic pain can make use of this unit in the home to get relief from pain without making walks and runs to hospitals. At present there are several online stores to provide you with best interferential therapy unit at affordable rates.

Important features of therapy unit

Most of the models of therapy unit come with several features. This is one of the excellently designed pain relief machines that can be used in clinics, hospital and even in home safely. The machine comes with different therapy modes including 2P, 4P and 4PV for better results. It has excellent modes to assure relief from muscular pain, neck pain, back pain, slip disc pain, arthritis pain and for several issues mentioned earlier. The product makes you free from the practice of taking regular pain killers and to depend on IFT modality for long pain relief.

How it works

IFT unit works by delivering intermitted pulses to the affected tissues deeply with 4 pole interferential works. The stimulation reduces swelling and inflammation that causes pain at the same time of blocking the pain. Deep penetration is achieved by applying around 4000Hz carrier wave. This overcomes the impedance of the skin. The unit puts two signals with slightly different frequencies to the tissues. When they interfere or cross over, it produces therapeutic current with low frequency at the affected area.

Get the unit from reputed suppliers

Purchase therapy unit from reputed suppliers to get several benefits of purchase. Interferential therapy machine price offered by reputed online stores are really affordable. Some or most of the stores provide you with EMI options to make your purchase with initial amount. They will provide the necessary related accessories along with the unit. The experts also provide 100% guide on using the unit.

Have a detailed look at the features

Make sure that you make detailed check of features of the unit. Present models comes with advanced modes and easy to use features. You can adjust the rate of stimulation as per your needs. Make sure that the unit has sufficient features to make use of the same in effective and easy way.

Check for payment options

Most of the reputed stores provide you with multiple payment options including spot payment, cash on delivery, EMI options etc. You can select the best form of payment based on your budget and preference.

Check for delivery

Check for delivery options and delivery charges. Make sure that the product is delivered at your area within short time and free of cost.

 Now it is your time to enter reputed online store and to make the purchase of therapy unit at affordable rates to get relief from pain.

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