Free Web Conferencing Tools

Some of Free Web Conferencing Tools for Business

Free web conferencing tools have gained a lot of popularity in businesses and is slowly replacing face to face meetings with most meetings being conducted online. The reason for rise of popularity of free web conference tools is the time and cost saved for participants of the meeting not needing to travel to the venue of the meeting and also the convince factor which allows participants to join in meetings from anywhere. These free web conferencing tools have broken barriers of geographical locations and differences in time zones.

Some of the most popular free web conference tools popular among business are mentioned as below.

  1. Google Hangouts

This free web conferencing tool is compatible will all mobile and computer platforms and users can use this free web conference tool using their google accounts, allowing quick access to video conferencing and messaging. Its web conferencing allows users making than hundred video calls at once.

  1. ezTalks Cloud Meetings

This free web conference tool is easy to download and use on any android phone, providing people the convenience to join in video conference call from anywhere. Its allows full screen view during conference call or video calls.

  1. AnyMeeting

This free web conference tool remains free by being supported by ad revenue, making it a perfect tool for small businesses with limited budgets to carry out their webinar requirements.

  1. MeetingBurner

This free web conferencing tool allows users to make voice and audio calls and has all features of a paid platform at no cost. It allows up to 15 users to join a single web conference session. This free web conference tool is simple and easy to use allowing users to conduct web conference sessions in no time.

  1. WebHuddle

This free web conference tool allows users to communicate using video, web and voice conferencing all over the world, hereby saving organisations and businesses travelling related expenses. This is a highly secure free web conference tool.

  1. Fuze

This free wen conference tool allows users to import files directly into a virtual web conferencing room which can be shared with all participants with this screen sharing feature. The host of the webinar can also decide whether to share full desktop or only selected applications with the participants, making it a useful application for online presentations and virtual collaboration.

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