Flower Gifting Around The World

Flower Gifting Around The World – What You Should Know

The holiday season is around, and you are not sorted with the gift that you want to present your near and dear ones with. The flowers are the most intricate way of showcasing your feelings and spreading happiness. Gifting of flowers is interpreted in a different culture differently. While presenting people with flowers, cultures will define the way.

Here are some of the cultural inhibitions attached to the gifting of flowers. These restraints were built in the Ancient century and are still going on in some parts of the world. There is the provision of same-day deliveryin case of gifting flowers as well. Following are some of the cultural inhibitions attached to flower gifting to people in the holiday season:

How are flowers gifted in China? 

In China, teachers are mostly presented with flowers as a gift. It is because a bouquet of flowers denotes the respect and love you have towards your teacher. Further, it signifies that you owe them for their learning.

Plants are presented because they carry positive vibes with them. It is a big no-no to gift a potted plant because they carry negative energy with them.

In Asia, it is said that the flowers should be presented in odd numbers. That is because odd numbers carry good luck with them. In case of bouquets having mixed flowers, the odd number rule is not applicable. If someone resides in the Philippines, then you can opt for the same day flower Philippines services.

Gifting flowers in Europe 

In the European culture, flowers are considered a welcome source. So it is mandatory for people to gift flowers whenever visiting them at their place. Here, white lilies should be avoided. The reason behind this is that white lilies represent the mourning at the death of the person.

Even the European culture follows the odd number rule. Flowers should not be gifted in 13 numbers because it is associated with bad luck. Most of the Europeans now ignore odd number culture.

In their culture, flowers carry different essence to them. For them, it is a saying that flowers feed the soul.

Culture in America 

In the gifting culture followed in America, during the time of Christmas and Thanksgiving exchanging flowers is the most important tradition. It is a mandatory tradition followed by them. For them, flowers are the most critical source of their lifestyle and gifting them is the top option for them.

Secondly, when the flowers are being presented to them, there should be a beautiful assortment of flowers. For them, this is way too appealing as it carried numerous colors and different variety of flowers.

Culture in Alaska 

Gifting of flowers in Alaska is similar to the American culture. As the holiday season approaches, flowers are taken into consideration for a gifting option.

Culture in Africa 

For them gifting flowers is considered a polite way of saying that you matter to me. That is the reason flowers carry importance in the holiday season.

All in all, flowers carry great importance in all the culture and spread joy.

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