Enjoy theItalian Taste food in Noida

While talking about NoidaIt is located in the suburb in NCR, but its location just across the Yamuna River. But when it comes to having some Italian dishes then Noida is a hub of great cafes and places. If your cravings are getting more intended for the Italian cuisine then here are the top listed restaurants in Noida. Make sure you visit them.

  • Mainland China

The name is mind blowing but when it comes to managing so many crowds. It has many outlets across the country and the experience may vary across outlets. This place has great Italian food that is quite affordable. This place is perfect for a family dinner with parents or a quiet meal.The best dishes you should be having areChilli Basil Fish and Golden Garlic Fried Rice with Iceberg. Make sure to visit thisrestaurants.

  • Burbees cafe

The name is quite unique and the service is great which in turn gives you a reason to name it one of the best Italian restaurants in Noida.

 The menu is similar to that in many cafes, with burgers, sizzlers, grills and such. There is variety for childrens and adults so, it’s a good option for a casual meal with kids or to hang around with your friends. The main course includes sizzlers. The place is cozy and pleasant .The best dishes you can have here are Fish and chips and Grilled Breast of Chicken Steak. The place is perfect for dinners. It is located near G-56, 1st & 2nd Floor, Sector 18, Noida 201301.

  • Geofrey’s

This is famous among the locals. It is perfect for a Sunday brunch. This place is famous among the locals due to the fantastic lunch being served here. They also have terrace and a pleasant weather. The best dishes you can start your day with the starters like soup, salads and lip smacking deserts. It is a British style pub. The weekend lunch deal is fantastic and you get table service. This place is spacious and comfortable. It is located in the ground floor that’s why it is often hidden.Make sure to visit it.

  • Desi vibes

One of the best restraunts in Noida where it is ruling since 7-8 years. It was Started by first-time entrepreneurs who previously worked with a leading airline and this place is result of their hardships and work. The space is cramped but the calm environment and the on time service makes it more attention grabbing. The food is fantastic and has consistently been so since the day it opened. The best part is a jar full of pickles that the server brings for some enjoyment and as a complimentary gift with the jaljeera. The dishes served are made fully organically. The dishes you should have MurgDhaniyaAdraki and the brinjal pickle.


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