Digestion Issues Springing Up During The Period Of Pregnancy

It is quite common for women to face up to digestive issues during pregnancy. All these problems tend to arise because the uterus is at a developing phase. Once the uterus is known to expand the pressure is going to move outward and it does go on to put pressure on the pelvic veins. This is accompanied by regular pressure on the abdomen along with the stomach. It is a common trend that the human body is going to open up the rib cage so as to accompany the growing fetus; this is not done so that the baby keeps on pushing against the stomach. In a lot of ways it is like epilepsy medicine during pregnancy where things are fairly under control.

How to deal with digestion and indigestion during the course of pregnancy

When the term digestion comes to the mind a woman should not be confused with the terms digestion and indigestion during pregnancy. The main reasons for indigestion are the growth of the fetus. If poor digestion occurs during pregnancy it could lead to indigestion but the effects of it are not limited to the same.

The three phases of digestion

The three phases of digestion work out to be the colon stomach along with the mouth. It has to be said that each of these stages is affected by the pregnancy hormones in combination with the weight of the fetus.

It starts off in the mouth where saliva tends to increase and the food is going to be broken down much more quickly when the lady is pregnant. When an increase in mouth acids is left it could be the cause of bleeding gums along with pain during pregnancy.

Once the food passes into the stomach the female does witness less space in the stomach than before. This tends to be a common problem that arises during the fag end of pregnancy. When there is less space the net result is that you tend to eat smaller meals and more calories are needed for the developing baby.

The colon happens to be the last step in the process of digestion. It has to be stated that the pregnancy hormone is the major reason why you tend to face the problem of indigestion. The food is going to move in a slow manner during the process of digestion. One more reason on why digestion tends to slow down is the weight of the fetus. Pregnancy digestion medicine can ensure timely relief from the same as well.

If you eat more does it mean more digestion during the process of pregnancy?

In spite of all the issues with digestion both the mother along with the baby is going to need a major share of vitamins, minerals along with nutrients. At this point of time the metabolism is going to increase so the mother would need to eat more so as to phase the development of the fetus. If the problem arises during a particular time of the day opt for prenatal vitamins.

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