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Different Gateways: Really?

When you are thinking about everything from your products to the services you are providing; think about payment processes too. You can enhance your business by accepting different payment ways. You need to ponder about your gateway.

Talking about a Payment Gateway, it enables the corporate, merchants and Government entities to process their online transactions through the use of debit (ATM) and the credit card payments.  There are even entities and companies that take help of a professional and experienced Global payment Gateway Company so as to ensure nothing goes wrong in payments and processes.

Payment gateway supports online payment no matter on Internet or any other electronic platform like kiosk, Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR and call center with the safe protection and integrity.  There are various Gateways that accept various type of locally issued debit (ATM) VISA, cards, MasterCard, AMEX, cards and so on. Not just this, the Gateway can be modified to accommodate and fit specific payment process requirements of any type of entity.

How these services work?

These gateways check for the validity and encrypt transaction details so as to ensure that they are sent to the right destination. Once this is done, and then decrypts the responses that are sent back to shopping cart or billing or account system.  The process is integrated with a numerous types of databases, shopping cart software, Internet merchant accounts and also the protocol exchange servers.  Similarly these are also certified by the VISA and MasterCard for electronic commerce transactions through Internet, by instructing all their rules and procedures as per protocol of VISA & Secure Code protocol of the MasterCard.

Are there any benefits of these gateways?

Of course, there is some game changing benefits of gateway. Some of these areas under:

  • Safe and trustworthy real-time transaction processing.
  • Convenient report generation, account reconciliation process and payment settlements.
  • Permits multiple-currency payments.
  • Modified gateway as per the payment process needs of the individual entities.
  • Integrates with different channels like IVR, website, Kiosks, Mobile Devices, Call Center and Batch processing.
  • It also protects the merchants or corporations from any fraud attempts or misuse.
  • There is also proper support for customer dispute.

You know the current opinion is that a single gateway is more than enough. But it is important to understand that e-commerce is constantly growing. There are new ways emerging and new options rising for better payments and currency options. So where most of the online merchants have not completely considered the requirement to use more than single gateway, it is changing now.

Remember that the requirement to work with more than a single gateway is getting evident as your company expands, specifically internationally. If you are selling globally, it simply means working with the foreign banks, languages and currencies. These payment gateways differ by region and the currencies accepted. So, do you think if your gateway supports payment techniques and currencies of all the target markets you have?


Thus, it is always your choice. You have to decide if you want it or not. But never forget that there are excellent global exchange payment solutions available for your businesses.  Just expand your business with the right one!

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