cPanel Backup The Best Solution For Website Backup

Backing up of the website is always a needed practice for all the website owners. Maintaining a backup is always helpful for all kind of data. Whether it is a business data or personal data, the user should always maintain a backup for it. Likewise, it is necessary to maintain the data of a website. Websites involves various data like emails, web files, documents etc. All these data are stored in the website’s database. But, this is not sufficient, for efficient use of data, the data and the database must be backed up.

There are many businesses that have lost their website through a hard drive crash, bankrupt ISP, etc or tried to recover a lost website that once belonged to someone else. Imagine coming to work one morning and receiving call from one of your customers. Your web host provider tries to locate your site and try to access it. But the real fact is that your website is being hacked and your full website is gone.

You call your web-hosting company. They may ask you any number of questions. One of them may be Have you got a current backup? Sadly 87% of people will answer “No” to that question. The truth is, without a full current backup, it is almost certain you will not be able to recover from this situation. It is true that many hosting companies offer automatic website backups for their customers it is crucial to never rely on your hosting company alone for your website backups. If there is a company wide or server wide issue then your website backup data will be lost right along with your primary website data.

Why do I need to backup my website?

  • Transferring website files from one host to another
  • Upgrading your website (e.g. database files, email accounts, site files)
  • Computer hard disk crashes
  • Web hosting provider forgets to backup the server
  • Web Host Company experiences a disaster
  • Your house or business experiences a disaster
  • Someone hacks into your website and messes up your files

What is the best way to backup my website?

If your website is hosted on a Linux server you’ll have a web hosting control panel called Cpanel. Within cPanel bakup, look for the Backup Wizard. It enables you to download a zipped file of your entire website including the database. Save the files to your desktop or create a special folder that can easily be found on your computer. The best part of this backup solution is it allows you to take complete backup of your site.

This backup solution is very useful for the ones those who are searching for an effective backup solution for their website backup. This effective and efficient backup solution is useful for you in case of website backup. The best part is the cPanel backup solution is available for an affordable price. Now go ahead to you cPanel and backup your websites because you’ll never know when you might need it.

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