Choices of Travel And Residency in Canada

Are you planning on a trip to Canada? Or are you thinking about moving to this country of many opportunities? Well when it comes to Canada, your choices are unlimited. You can do and try out a lot of things that you want and try and apply to get the travel and residency of your choice in the country.

Decide your purpose of visit and apply for your visa

You need to know why you are going to Canada. If you are going for a vacation there or to spend some time with friends and family then you need to apply for a tourist visa. If you want to travel and work in Canada then you will need to apply for a special type of employment visa for Canada. And if you want to become a permanent resident of the country, then you will need to apply for a pr visa Canada. These are some of the basic modes of travel to the country. You can go for either one of them depending on the purpose of your visit. However every country that you are going to and from which country has some very specific rules which you will need to check out first before you start the visa application process.

Some important points to remember about the different visas

The most easy to obtain and the one which has the simplest application process is applying for a tourist visa. A lot of people are travelling to Canada these days because of the beauty of the countryside and hence the tourist visa application process has become simpler and easier to get hold of. You will have to submit some basic validation documents prior to your travel for the visa application and when you sit for the interview you might have to tell them your travel plan or convince them that you intend to come back and not settle down there.

The entire operation gets a little difficult when you are applying for a permanent residency in Canada. You will need to provide more documents, proving employment guarantee for which you will be travelling or settling down there. When you apply for a canadian pr visa you might also have to show that some family members are living there or that you have ample reason to seek for a permanent residency in the country. The process becomes simple enough if you follow the steps in detail. You can take the help of a visa application agent if you feel that the process is too complicated.

The trickiest of all is the tourist cum employment visa. This visa entails you to get a tourist as well as an employment visa, i.e. you can work under multiple employers when travelling through Canada! However the process of application is not that simple- you will have to first find out whether or not Canada grants this visa to citizens of your country, only after which you can go ahead with the application process.

So there are plenty of options to choose from. Take your pick and make your travel plan today.

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