Tourist destinations in Ahmedabad

Check out the most celebrated 5 Tourist destinations in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the city of Ahmed Shah and it has many historical monuments that serve as the main tourist captivating destinations of this city.The stunning architectural designing of Ahmedabad monuments display a mix of Islamic and Hindu flairs. The origin of plenty of the historical monuments of this land can be drawn back to fifteenth century.

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  1. Bhadra Fort

Bhadra Fort was raised by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1411 A. D. The regal fort has a Bhadrakali Temple that is dedicated to Hindu Goddess ‘Bhadrakali’. In this current time, the fort serves as site for performing flag hoisting ceremony on Republic day and Independence Day. The fort is spread in an area of about forty-four acres. It possesses a garden along with a fine pavilion. It is cherished for its architecture. It displays imprinted arches and balconies, and the windows are with creative Jali works.The statue of first industrialist of this city is the main attraction here.

  1. Swaminarayan Temple

The temple is very first temple of Swaminarayan sect to have been built. In the year 1822, the land was given by British government and Swaminarayan himself took the responsibility for this building of temple to Ananandanand Swami. The temple is very beautiful and you can find its campus absolutely clean and spotless.

  1. LalbhaiDalpatbhai Museum

LalbhaiDalpatbhai Museum is one of the most renowned museums in Ahmedabad. Right from printed books to documents based on different religions, the Museum is really a treasure trove for the followers of this legend.

  1. Calico museum of textiles

This museum has one of the world’s premium collections of advanced and antique Indian textiles that are all handmade and up to five hundred years old. There are some amazingly beautiful pieces, showing implausible virtuosity and luxury. You can witness Kashmiri shawls that took three years to get formed and double-ikat cloths whose one hundred thousand threads get individually dyed before they get weaved.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

The Ashram strews on the western bank of River Sabarmati. It is at only five kilometres from the city centre. If you are willing to taste the ambience of the spot that served as a base for the political deeds of Mahatma Gandhi and observed him moving out on well-known Dandi March in year 1930 then you should visit here. The spot became an inspiration of hope for followers of non-violent movement in struggle for freedom of India.

He founded this Ashram in the year 1915 and even today, it has the signs of his tenacious struggle. Don’t miss out to have a closer look at spinning wheels, handicrafts and handmade paper that get manufactured here at ashram.It also has on display, some strange pictures of Mahatma Gandhi and the letters that were written by him to Hitler on July 23, 1939.

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