Catch the Waves: 5 Surfing Gears Every Beginners Should Have

Surfing is one of those activities that everyone loves to try every summer. To some, it’s a sport, to others, it’s their passion. A form of alleviating stress, an artform, and everything in between.

If you have just discovered the beauty of surfing, chances are you don’t have the necessary items to surf. Of course, learning the basic moves in surfing is important, and it begins with selecting the appropriate surfing gears. For a little help, listed below are five surfing gears every beginner should have. Check them out and start catching some waves!


You can have the best time in your life while surfing. However, there’s one thing you need to have on you – and that’s sunscreen. Keep in mind that surfers are usually at risk for acquiring skin damage like sunburn and skin cancer from the sun.

Aside from the scorching heat of the sun, the sand and the waves can revert additional ultraviolet light onto the exposed skin as well. Skin damage is no joke, and you need to do your very best to avoid such.

Sun damage can also increase the risk of skin discoloration, the appearance of wrinkles, and various things. Thus before you do some surfing, it’s of the utmost importance to apply sunscreen all over your body. If you have been in the water, re-apply it.

Even if you wear a rashguard while you surf, applying sunscreen all over your body is still an excellent idea. Know that there are swim gears that don’t protect you completely against the UV light, so always add sunscreen to you sun-care regime. You can buy good-quality sunscreen in any online stores like Deal Wiki.


Wetsuit, a neoprene garment, allows surfers to stay in cool and cold waters for a very long period. It reduces the effects of crashing or diving into the cold water, uphold your flexibility, and surf in the utmost comfort for several hours.

There are two variety of wetsuits, the full suit, and the spring suit, and three thickness levels – 2mm, 3/2mm, and 4/3mm. Most importantly, before buying a good-quality wetsuit, you need to set your budget first and ensure to adhere to it. Don’t let cool features and fancy adverts influence you. Keep in mind that a good-quality wetsuit should do its job, and that is to protect you from harmful elements.


The very first item that you’ll need to go surfing is a surfboard. For neophytes, a large surfboard is perfect for you because it’ll help you when you’re in the water. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a new surfboard, then it’s wise to buy used surfboards.

When you opt for secondhand surfboards, double check any surface glitch or defects. If there are huge cracks, then it’s a problem. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy a surfboard with cracks and dings, no matter how cheap it may sound.

Furthermore, it’s best if you head to a surf shop and ask around about the best surfboard for you as a beginner. Alternatively, you can go for a custom-shaped surfboard, though it’s a bit more costly, it means that the surfboard is apt to your ideal specifications.

Surf Leash

A surf leash is a must have when surfing. If you don’t have one, then don’t bother going surfing, unless you want to lose your board on purpose. Though it’s quite expensive, it can, without a doubt, save your life when you’re in the water. A good-quality surf leash or leg rope must be as long as your current surfboard.

With that length, you’ll avoid getting deep cuts and losing your surfboard. Surfing with a leg rope brings a sense of security and peace of mind. You can learn freely without worrying about losing your board, and it’ll help you to withstand the strong and tenacious current pounding over you.


If you decide on surfing in cold water, then you should wear earplugs. If you don’t, you’ll be at risk of fostering surfer’s ear. A surfer’s ear is a health condition wherein small bones develop in your ear channel.

This condition can be very painful and can eventually lead to hearing loss and ear infection. The only solution to this complication is surgery, so please do yourself a big favor and buy a pair of earplugs. Be sure to use them when you’re surfing in cold waters.

Moreover, there are many types of earplugs available in the market that’ll prevent surfer’s ear. From flanged rubber earplugs to molded earplugs and foam earplugs each of these types has their pros and cons. Make sure that you do some research before buying a pair.


Surfing is a fun, yet one of the most challenging activities in the world. So, if you’re starting out, you should have a better understanding of the essential things that you must have. For beginners, sunscreen, wetsuit, surfboard, surf leash, and earplugs are some of the surfing gears that they should have to ensure a fun and rewarding experience.

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