How can Call Centres ensure High Customer Experience level?

How can Call Centres ensure High Customer Experience level?

To achieve the desired goals, it is paramount to ensure a long-term relationship with customers. Owing to this, it is very important to make sure that customers always get the top-notch services. That’s why most of the organisations join hands with call centre business outsourcing companies.

Apart from rendering prodigious services, customer experience is the factor on which business’s reputation depends. Increasing CX levels isn’t tough as all you have to do is take care of some crucial factors.

Have a look at the following points that will definitely help to increase the customer experience level:

Minimise the average hold time

To enhance customer experience, it is very crucial to keep the average hold time in check. This is so because customers want a quick response whenever they make contact with customer service agents.

Moreover, it is imperative for the call centre business outsourcing companies to never underestimate the value of staff scheduling because there is a high possibility that average hold time may get increased during the high call volume. Consequently, this can affect the CX level.

Of course, we do understand that sometimes agents need extra time to obliterate the product or service related issues from the root. So, it would be highly beneficial to make the hold time pleasant for the customers who are waiting in a queue. Here, playing light music or sharing business-related information can do the trick.

It is true that waiting time cannot be reduced to nought at least in the current time. So, it is advisable for the call centres to reduce the average hold time as less as possible.

Treat your agents well

Treating agents well is the most effective way to ensure a high CX level. This is so because if agents are happy with their job, they are more likely to assist customers in the personal manner.

This factor cannot be overlooked because agent attrition rate is indirectly proportional to the business’s productivity. Tedious work culture and daily targets are the two major reasons that always increase the agent churn rate.

For the sake of business growth, it is vitally important for the call centres to maintain agent’s job satisfaction level. To make that happen, methods like offering incentives, making working environment contenting, etc. could be helpful.

All in all, it is imperative to understand that happy agents always keep the customers happier.

Proper CEM integration

For running a successful call centre, it is significant to make use of CEM (Customer Experience Management). CEM is a set of tools that helps to monitor and analyse customer interaction. Usually, in-house call centres face the productivity issues because they don’t put their attention on analytics.

With the help of CEM, it would be very easy to know about the customer’s needs, product or service related issues that pop up so frequently. Consequently, this will help in increasing the CSAT score.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to integrate the CEM with call centre software.

Let customers speak

Sometimes you don’t have to use tough methods when the easy ones can do the trick. This means if agents communicate with customers properly during the interaction, the CX level will increase inevitably.

After listening to the customer’s initial words, agents start interrupting owing to the intention to provide instant resolutions. This seems appropriate from the business’s point of view. However, this sometimes brings negative results on the table.

This is so because customers make contact with support agents to tell about the inconvenience that the former faced because of the product or service issues. But whenever agents start interrupting, this makes a negative impact on the customers. Consequently, customer experience level gets reduced.

Therefore, it is vital for the call centre business outsourcing UK companies to instruct the agents to let customers speak during the interaction. Moreover, agents can easily exterminate the issues in less time if they listen to customers properly during the interaction.

Let customers solve the issues

The factor that will make callcentre business outsourcing company owners happy is that CX levels can be increased without putting much effort. Don’t be amazed as all you need to do is offer a self-service facility. Nowadays, customers, especially millennial ones prefer to solve the issues on their own.

Furthermore, customers always get infuriated when they have to wait in a queue to get connected with agents regarding the solutions of trivial or minor issues. As a result, this reduces the CX level. That’s why it is always suggested to offer self-service to customers:

Here are two major benefits of providing self-service facility:

  • The workload on the agents would decrease, which, in turn, leads to reduced agent attrition rate.
  • The CSAT score would increase. Consequently, this will build the brand image.

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