Buddha Statue

Why Have A Buddha Statue At Home?

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to place his statue anywhere in the house. Buddha is more of a symbol of his teachings rather than simply a show of religion or even an item of home decoration. Gautam Buddha is a sign of peace and self-knowledge which is lacking in today’s world. He founded Buddhism and taught the tenets to his disciples who spread the religion across the Asian landmass and also Nepal, Bhutan , Burma, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet and even Sri Lanka. The statues are available in various shapes and size, each with a different meaning.

Chant Or Pray

The followers of Buddha believe that saying prayers in front of the statue brings inner peace and relief from all pain. Sitting in front of the statues is one of the best ways of practicing meditation which brings inner peace and power. It helps in seeing everything in the positive light and bringing self-discipline. Buddha’s has been a huge source of inspiration and inner power for his followers and understanding right from wrong. People who buy and keep Buddha statues in their homes derive inspiration from the great teacher. The Buddha statue online is easy to find as many gift shops manufacture and sell their products. You simply have to select a quality product that enhances the show of your house and ensures that you can pray and meditate properly.

Buddha in Feng Shui

The Buddha statues make good gifts among friends and families who are passionate about meditation and Buddhism. People who are avid fans of Feng Shui also love to buy and gift Buddha statues. It is believed that the statues bring positive energy in the house. However the statue must face the front door in order to invite the positive energy. Try to place it inside a cabinet that is more than two feet high.  If you want your children to concentrate more in their studies try placing a Buddha statue on their table where they can it see it while studying. In offices and work stations the positive energy can be improved by placing the Buddha statues.

If you have a garden then placing a statue in a corner can make the area soothing and excellent for relaxation and meditation. Select an idol that is either reclining or meditating. Many people buy Buddha stone statue online and place it in the prayer alter. The alter should be kept clear of any kind of disturbance to allow the flow of positive energy. According to Feng Shui experts buying a laughing Buddha is a good option because it brings good luck and fortune and is free from any kind of hazards.


People are always in search of motivation and good fortune. Buying the Buddha idol is a good way of moving ahead in that direction. Even if positive energy does not make its way into your house you will at least end up making your home look elegant and calm.

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