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Be a bit smart when buying gifts

Buying a gift is not always easy. Especially if it is not for friends, family members or closed ones. Because, when you buy for them you know what they like and what they dislike. But if you have to take a gift to attend a house warming party or when you need to gift something to your colleague; it becomes a bit difficult. People have a lot of dilemma on what to buy.

When going for a house warming party, you can always carry a gift hamper or you can try the below mentioned gifts.

  • If you want to buy a gift which is something fancy then scented candles can be a very good option for you. This can light the new home and can also spread some nice aromas around the corners as well. A set of scented candles can be bought and packed nicely as a gift.
  • A welcome drink bottle like a bottle of chilled red wine is always a good idea. You can open the bottle in the name of celebrations along with your friends and then raise a toast in name of the new house. You can gift them a corkscrew and a bottle of good red wine as a gift to the house owners. Do not forget to keep them in a nice wine bag before gifting it.
  • Gifting a home decor is any day a great idea in a house warming party. A nice and cosy lam shade or a sleek wall hanging can be a great option. The house owners will love it as they can easily decorate their new house with these decors.

When it comes to colleagues you can keep it simple and stick to something useful.

  • A box of chocolates always serves as a good and nice gift option. Pick a box of assorted chocolates or a flavoured one for the colleagues who love to eat chocolates and it will instantly change their mood into a happy one in an otherwise uneventful day.
  • Tea mug or a Coffee mug is the most important thing which one can gift to their colleagues. Everyone is in a bad need for a coffee or tea break when they are in stress at work. As the pressure is immense in a work place this is a crucial thing. If one feels a bit gloomy and tired and sleepy in a Monday morning at office, then a large cup of black coffee or tea can really freshen them up and make them ready for the week long hard work and stress ahead.
  • Remove all the plain office accessories that your colleagues use and replace them with some styled and trendy ones. Go for some nice handmade note books, writing pads and colourful stick notes. Add some colourful board pins, stapler and some good ball point pens. Do not forget to add a good crafted pen holder along with it.

So, now you know what to gift in these occasions and you can buy accordingly.

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