Biggest Workplace Trends to Watch for in 2018

Today’s workplace culture has evolved and it’s now driven by the dynamic technology and changing preferences of the employees. The workplace culture plays a key role in employee engagement, productivity and retention which can help in developing better business performance. There are several environmental and bottom-line benefits of the modern workplace culture. The workplace is impactful for essential business outcomes as well as employee engagement. Let’s see which workplace trends continues to gain increasing popularity in the upcoming year!

  • In 2018, we will see the agile and flexible workforce models to expand more. To survive in this changing world, business requires an agile workforce more than ever. This can be the greatest differentiation of a company: to build a more adaptive workforce by leveraging predictive intelligence for the digital future. The powerful leaders will create a workforce that will adapt itself to the changing world and demographics. This is one of the greatest ways to reform yourself in this world of constant change. To remain competitive, organizations require to invest in predictive intelligence for better and improved decisions which will help to amplify workers everywhere. They must also keep on preparing the existing workforce for the digital future by consistently res killing them for a sustainable workforce. The best HR certification courses include the curriculum on how to build the ideal workplace and employee experience altogether.
  • To transform the business, organizations will continue to apply AI technologies to create a highly adaptable business capability. These technologies are intelligent agents, machine learning, catboats, and natural language processing and voice recognition. AI can help a lot in doing exceptional work by reinventing the business models and processes. Companies will continue to apply AI for enhancing the data analytics, algorithms to combine data in various ways to explore new trends with deep insights. For example Accenture is embracing AI to reduce costs, improve productivity, and deliver more value to the clients and to innovate their services and solutions. Their state-of-the-art AI platform consists of 6 virtual assistants that has completed 275 projects with an exceptional service level improvement. The best HR certification courses include the curriculum on how to seek the higher levels of performance.
  • More companies will be offering flexible work option for employees as not offering it would be a huge competitive disadvantage. People are seeking for a flexible work environment, nobody wants to work in a confined workplace. If companies aren’t offering it in 2018 then consider losing talent to the competitors who will offer. There will be a growing importance of flexibility to attract the best talent. By 2019, almost 60 percent of the workforce will be choosing agile careers. There are several best HR certification available focusing on reducing the discrimination in workplace.
  • Several companies are now focusing on offering the employees a total rewards package including a range of health and wellness plans. According to surveys, employees feel that more health insurance plan should be provided by the company. The focus is not only on physical health but on mental health as well. More companies are now promoting healthy workplace cultures for happier employees. Because happy employees work better. Today’s workforce is looking for a new and improved approach to health and well-being. Companies are continuously working on to foster a culture of wellness-enhancing amenities and policies. Know more about its critical role with the best HR certification.

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