Big Data Certifications To Watchout For In 2018

For past couple of years Big Data industry has seen nothing but tremendous growth. But while the industry is growing with more openings in the sector, the industry professionals or rather recruiters are still facing problems in getting skilled big data professionals both at analyst level and at senior level.

Since Big Data services is quite a confidential matter for the industry, as it is all about lots of data streaming in, recruiters don’t want to take chances while hiring any new talent. Hence some strict guidelines. So if you are planning a career in Big Data, upgrade your skills and get relevant certifications to soar high in your career.

Why Should You Go For Big Data Certifications?

If you have a degree or you are an undergrad doing your course in big data then going for big data certifications should be your natural step forward. Here are the few reasons

  1. Certifications make you stand ahead of your peers: When applying for a job, you will see that because of your certification you are way ahead of your peers both in an interview and if you are already working in a big data company, certification will get you those promotions.
  2. Protects you from recession and layoffs: Owing to your certified skills, the employers will not want to lose even during a recession or if they are laying off some employees. So your job will be secured.
  3. Certifies your skills in the eyes of a prospective employer: You may have been a top student in your course, the certification just validates those grades and skills making you the first choice of your prospective employer.

Big Data Analyst Certifications, Big Data Framework And Big Data Governance

Big Data Analyst certifications prepare you to work with big data framework, which is essentially nothing but set of tools that help in processing and storing the continuously streaming in data. Apache Hadoop is one of the excellent examples of big data framework. Similarly, Big Data Scientist certifications will prepare you for big data governance so that there is no data loss.

Big Certifications You May Check Out in 2018


There are huge job opportunities in the Big Data industry, but recruiters are playing slow and steady so that they hire a right person. This is where Big Data certifications come handy. Some of the top certifications you should check out are metioned below-

  1. Data Science Council of America or DASCA: DASCA is one of the best institute offering Big Data certifications in the major roles related to Big Data industry. The DASCA certifications include ABDE or Associate Big Data Engineer, SBDE or Senior Big Data Engineer, ABDA or Associate Big Data Analyst, SBDA or Senior Big Data Analyst, SDS or Senior Data Scientist and PDS or Principal Data Scientist.
  2. Hortonworks Certifications: Hortonworks offers certifications for big data namely HDPCD for Hadoop developers, HDCP-Spark for Apache Spark developers, HDPCA for Certified Administrators for Administers who manage Hadoop clusters.
  3. Cloudera Big Data Certifications: Cloudera offers three main certifications in Big Data and that includes CCA (Cloudera Certified) Spark and Hadoop Developer, Cloudera Certified Data Analyst, and Cloudera Certified Administer.
  4. IBM Big Data Certifications: IBM offers two major big data certifications. These certifications include IBM Hadoop Developer Certification and Apache Spark Certification by IBM. Both these certifications will help you secure a job as a big data analyst.
  5. Dell EMC Big Data Certifications: Dell EMC offers major certifications in Big Data and they include DELL EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications.


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