Best Meal Replacement Drinks for Weight Loss

Healthy Meal replacement shakes just like every other phenomenon are characterized by their benefits and limitations. Why you would decide to go for a shake rather than a real meal is because there is a significant value it adds to you or at least you think it adds to you. Shakes are very advantageous as they are very portable, quick, convenient, have low calories and as such, it is very instrumental in losing weight or in maintaining your weight; however, it has its disadvantages. This makes it very important as users of shakes to be acquainted with as much information as possible about shakes before you make it a part of your diet.

Losing Weight

A research was carried out in the journal titled Obesity’ which was published in 2014. It carried out a comparison as regards weight loss between two sets of people: those who employed the intake of shakes while the other set had a reduction in calories and modification of lifestyles. It was a twelve weeks program and alongside a follow-up of each side after about one to two years. It was discovered that both sets of people lost weight no doubt; however, the first set of people who had employed the use of meal replacement were found to have gained some weights back after someone, two years meanwhile the other group members had not. These findings were enough evidence for the researchers to conclude that meal replacement shakes are temporal means by which weight can be lost. Thus, it does not have a long-term effect

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of the best healthy meal replacement shakes is nothing close to what is referred as total nutrition. A dietitian from Mayo Clinic, Zeratsky Katherine attested to this fact by saying shakes are rich with nutritional value as compare to whole foods. These nutritional components include vitamins, minerals and even antioxidant. It is advised that whenever, if for any reason, you have to substitute your whole meal for shakes, it is important you take it alongside a nutritious snack which also should have low- calorie like fruit salad or brown rice

Very Convenient

There is no doubt that you cannot compare whole meals with meal replacement drinks when it comes to the issue of convenience. Shakes are very easy to take along anywhere you want to go. More so, it is it is straightforward and easy to prepare, unlike whole food where you have to undergo some procedures which could be technical at times. in making even the best healthy meal replacement shakes for women, little or no preparation is needed. After preparation, you can quickly drink up without breaking any sweat. Although there might not be as many nutrients in shakes as there is in whole foods, there are still nutrients present that would make you satisfied, at least for a while. They are perfect replacements or substitute whenever in a rush or about to travel. Rather than skip your meals, you can have the best meal replacement drinks made for you in a moment.

Sustainable Strategy

Changing your physical look or of the losing weight is not best achieved by drinking even the best meal replacement shakes as it is not a long-lasting strategy. Dr. Zangwill Monica, an expert in public health states explicitly that any weight maintenance program that wants to be successful and has a lasting effect must be one that has a well detailed and laid down a plan for weight loss, consistent physical exercise, adequate and qualitative medical attention, and support. It is through that substituting whole meals for meal replacement drinks might do a great deal of favor by bringing about weight loss, it is, however, very temporal as the weight would be added back after returning to the regular meals.

In consideration, it would be ingenious of you to bring your doctor or a professional dietitian in before substituting your meals for shakes. If you have decided to lose weight by drinking shakes, ensure it is incorporated alongside other health plans and that it is just for a while. More so, seek for the best meal replacement shakes that have as many nutrients like vitamins and minerals and a little bit of sugar.

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