Residential spray foam insulation

The Benefits of using Spray foam insulation

This insulation technique uses two materials – polyurethane and isocyanate which are sprayed over the desired area. These substances when coming in contact with each other combine and react chemically and expand to harden the desired area.

In residential spray foam insulation benefits become more and it can be used to insulate any part of the house. Spray foam insulates all the cracks and openings and leaves no crack open because of its expanding property. Its expanding property makes it serve better and increase the efficiency and strength of the building. Its benefits include –

The barrier to air and moisture – The insulation seals all the crannies leaving no space for moisture and air. The insulation expands in the cracks to fill the space completely and make an impermeable substance that protects walls against air, moisture and water leakages. It also protects the walls in the rainy season and thus makes wall resist the rain and moisture.

Durability – The insulation has a longer lifespan up to 20 years or more and this high durability makes the insulation cost-effective. Thus, it saves a huge amount of money that you would have invested in the case of classical insulation methods.  Thus, by using spray foam insulation you can relax for years without thinking of reinsulating your walls.

Resistant to mold or bacteria – Bacteria or molds usually grow in wet and damp place and by employing spray foam insulation, you can omit favorable conditions for bacterial or molds growth in the crannies of the wall. Thus, you can protect your house from molds and bacteria which further enhance the health of your family.

Time-savingResidential spray foam insulation contractors save their lot of time by using this technique. They just spray the two composite materials on the desired area and don’t require reapplication. This saves a lot of time of contractors as they can just spray and their work is complete.

Resistant to fire and insects – This is the benefit which makes this technique to outperform than other techniques. This technique protects your house against fire and small insects that build up in the cracks and holes left during building a house.

Saves money – The spray foam insulation saves a lot of money of people. It just has high initial cost and afterward, you are free for lifetime. It has a high lifespan and it doesn’t require reapplication which saves a lot of effort and money for years to come. It also saves energy and sprays foam insulation is one of the methods to save energy. The air that leaks increases the consumption of energy and therefore increases the cost of energy. The spray foam insulation makes the airtight insulation so that air cannot escape from the applied area and thus helps in saving money and saving energy.


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