Coir Mats

The Beauty of Coir Mats Define Your Place

Coir is a tough material that is made from coconut husk. High quality mats and carpets are made using coir fiber. The material is effective and therefore, these are popular amongst people. Well, this is not the only reason that preference is being given to the coir mats, here are a few others: –

  • Husk material is used in the making of Coir door mats. These are natural fibers which are good for brushing and scraping the bottoms of shoes. The best part is it is all natural and there is no mixing of any artificial fiber such as vinyl or polyester.
  • Unlike other natural material such as wool, coir mat is rugged. And it is easy to remove the mud and dirt quickly, from even those places which are hard to be reached.
  • Coir is completely natural. Less energy and resources are used in making of coir mats and no harm is caused to the environment when you throw them whereas same is not the case with mats made from rubber, vinyl, plastic, etc.
  • The material makes this mat durable and long lasting. You can use them for years, but you might get bored of it and have to replace it forcefully without actually any need to do it. And since coir mats are very reasonable you will not feel bad or guilty while forcefully replacing them that you spend too much. These mats will maintain their shape and brush characteristic for years to come.
  • As discussed, coir mats are durable and hence, they are perfectly fit for heavy traffic. They are mostly used for the outdoor purposes.
  • They are rough and bristly which helps in scraping off the debris and mud from your shoes and slippers. In fact, you can also get rid of moisture from your wet boots. They will grab everything inside and help them in drying quickly.
  • If you think that after absorbing so much dust, mud and water it will remain good for nothing then think again! Coir is super easy to clean. Just pick it up, shake it or brush the dirt off it and it is as good as before.
  • Coir is extracted from coconut husk so accordingly coir mats have to be brownish in color, isn’t it? Well, you need to think again! Coir is totally fit for dye. You will find coir mats in a variety of colors and can choose according to the décor of the place.
  • Last but not the least, you will get a mat that is available in different size, color, will last longer and is totally affordable.

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